BAU Lectures about “Health Awareness for a Better Future – Women and Diabetes”

21 November 2017

Under the patronage of the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs HE Jean Oghassapian,  BAU organised a scientific day entitled “Health Awareness for a Better Future – Women and Diabetes”. The event was held in coordination with the Faculty of Health Sciences and International Diabetes Federation in the presence of President of the Lebanese Diabetes Society Dr. Mohamad Sandid, BAU Vice President for Medical Affairs Professor Essam Osman representing BAU President Professor Amr Galal El Adawi and Professor of Academic Development and Quality Assurance Professor Mohammad Reslan, 
The Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Professor Rajaa Fakhouri pointed out that this day aimed at fighting diabetes as in every 10 women in the world, at least one is infected with this disease. 
Professor Osman indicated that the UN predicts that diabetes will be the seventh cause of death in 2030. That is why BAU encourages and supports the adoption of effective measures for diabetes surveillance, complications and prevention. “There exist up-to-date scientific medical studies based on the importance of the development of diabetes and the protection of people who are most vulnerable through vaccination, for instance, though still under consideration,” he added, “and that research concerning stem cell transplantation for diabetes patients has not yet reached the required results.”
In his televised message, Nam Cho, President of the International Diabetes Federation, praised the efforts of the Lebanese Diabetes Society to help the Lebanese cope with the disease. Dr. Sandid gave a presentation on the Society’s affairs, and made it clear that "there are no accurate statistics in Lebanon, and perhaps the seriousness of this disease lies in the existence of undiagnosed cases," adding that as "five million people die each year from diabetes,” it is considered the tsunami of this era.  
HE Oghassapian assured that “the Ministry of State for Women's Affairs is sponsoring this scientific day out of concern for all matters relating to women, not only in terms of law and improving their participation in public life, but also in terms of their awareness of their health rights and the importance of adopting the necessary prevention to lead a healthy life.” He believes that “fighting this disease requires family and community solidarity in terms of taking care of the patients and encouraging them to adhere to a healthy lifestyle to prevent any complications.” For him, “it is crucial to introduce diabetes awareness and prevention in the educational curricula as the responsibility of raising awareness and guidance is not limited to the patient only, but includes the society as a whole.”


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