Cooperative Agreement Between BAU and the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS)

23 November 2017

Beirut Arab University signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research regarding the exchange of Expertise in the field of Laboratories and Experiments between the Faculty of Science and the CNRS. The Agreement also listed on making Researches and Studies in the fields of Precaution, Radiation Censorship, Nuclear Security and Applying the Peaceful Usages of the Nuclear Energy in the Environmental Researches and the Researches of the Science Majors.
The Agreement also included two Full Scholarships offered by BAU to Bachelor candidates submitted by the CNRS in the field of Physics, or Chemistry to prepare his/her Diploma in “Radiation Precaution and the Peaceful Usage for Radiation Sources” , or Masters or Preparing for the Ph.D. in Physics, according to the Rules and Regulations followed in the University.