“Inclusive and Sustainable Cities: Municipalities Good Practices in Lebanon” Seminar at BAU

29 November 2017

Under the Patronage of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities H.E. Mr. Nouhad Machouk, the Faculty of Architecture- Design and Built Environment organized its Seminar under the title of “Inclusive and Sustainable Cities: Municipalities Good Practices in Lebanon”. The event was held at Debbieh Campus with the cooperation of UNESCO and UN-HABITAT.
The Seminar was attended by General Ibrahim Basbous, Heads and Representatives of the Participant Lebanese Municipalities at the event, President of Beirut Arab University, Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, Secretary General, Dr. Omar Houri, President of Wakf El Bir Wal Ihsan Dr. Said Jazaeri, in addition to the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Ibtihal Bastawissi , Faculty Deans, Professors, Staff and Interested Audience.
The event shed the light on the Inclusive and Sustainable Cities which aims- according to the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture- Design and Built Environment Prof. Ibtihal Bastawissi – at reinforcing the interaction and the exchanging of expertise between all the Lebanese Municipalities in order to face the challenges and to reach to the sustainable development in Cities as in the Countryside thanking all the cooperative parties who worked to make this Project successful. 
The Minister Machnouk stated in his speech that the Municipality Work is having great attention by the Lebanese Citizens because it is very essential as it is responsible for providing the services mentioning that this work is the major and essential to the core of the Local Development.
The UNESCO Speech was delivered by Ms. Seiko Soghita who assured on the importance of discussing experiences and expertise and opportunities in order to fix the cooperation inside the Lebanese Cities to reinforce the Inclusivity towards achieving Global Ethics for Human Rights, Solidarity and Dialogue. 
The Speech of the Director of the UN-HABITAT in Lebanon was delivered by Ms. Lady Habchi who thanked all the Municipalities and Associations who participated in this Project and Seminar, and who showed complete commitment in this sense.
At the end of the event, Minister Machnouk toured the participants’ Projects Exhibition which included twenty five Initiative and was culminated by distributing certificates for the ten leading Initiatives in Lebanon which are:
1- Hazmieh Municipality.
2- Karoun Municipality.
3- Daria Municipality.
4- Der Kanoun El Naher Municipality.
5- Cheim Municipality.
6- Saidon Municiplaity.
7- Tyr Municipality.
8- Tripoli Municipality.
9- Aleh Municipality.
10- Faraya Municipality


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