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Situated in the heart of the Mina Region in one of the calmest areas in Tripoli, this beautiful campus overlooking the Mediterranean Sea has been receiving learners since the year 2010.

Tripoli Branch comprises five faculties so far; the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Branch also provides a multitude of facilities that offer various services to students, staff, researchers, and visitors.

We host various events and activities around the campus all year round.

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Vice President For Tripoli Campus

Education is one of the main and chief means for enlightening societies and leading countries to a brighter future. At BAU, we offer a massive array of opportunities to our students to enrich their academic, social, cultural, and professional values. Thus emenates our devotion to reinforce our presence in Lebanon by expanding both academically and intellectually.

Owing to its strong belief in human rights, BAU is fully dedicated to contribute to the development of the region in general, and Tripoli city in particular. For this reason, Tripoli campus has been established. The Tripoli Branch of Beirut Arab University was founded in Al-Fayhaa City of Tripoli in 2010, with more than 50 years of dedicated experience in higher education services. Today, BAU provides about 46 undergraduate programs and more than 95 postgraduate programs for students coming from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Tripoli Campus comprises 5 faculties: The Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment, The Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Health Sciences; our academic staff members all hold degrees from internationally renowned universities. Read More

Academics at Tripoli Branch

The educational experience at Tripoli Branch is dynamic, practical, and rewarding.

Facilities & Services

Facilities and services provide a supporting infrastructure for the educational, research, and outreach mission at Tripoli Branch.

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Tripoli Campus, Corniche El-Mina

P.O.Box 11- 5020 Riad El Solh 11072809- Beirut Lebanon

Tel: +961 6 218 400

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday : 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed