Vice President For Tripoli Campus

Our website is the means of portraying BAU to the world.

Education is the one and supreme resource of enlightening societies and leading the country to a brighter future. At BAU, we aim to offer vast opportunities for our students by enriching academic values. Thus, our devotion to strengthen our presence in Lebanon by expanding both academically and intellectually.

Given its strong belief in human rights, BAU is fully committed to the development of the region in general, and Tripoli city in particular. That’s why, Tripoli campus was created. This campus is the vessel towards achieving superior quality teaching and high standards of education, using the bright minds of the society in which we exist.

Tripoli campus opened its doors in 2010, and has started growing the minute its gates were opened. Today, BAU Tripoli is the home of 1.500 students and the welcoming arms of at least 500 students per year. We are present to offer our students through our various programs, the luxury of attaining superior education in their own environment. Tripoli campus caters to all the northern parts of Lebanon (Tripoli- Akkar- koura- Batroun- etc.), and has solved the major issues of having the northern students scattered all around Lebanon.

Achieving higher professional skills, is our aim and goal. Tripoli campus is there to make a difference !

This website provides a rich doorway into a better future by spreading the image of BAU to the whole world.

We have endless dreams, and this is only the beginning towards achieving them!

Prof. Khaled Hassan Baghdady

Vice President – Tripoli Campus