Academic Development & Quality Assurance

Under the supervision of the Deanery of Academic Development & Quality; the Academic Development & Quality Assurance Centre (ADQAC) manages the following tasks:

1- Academic Development

  • Help in solving educational problems, designing objectives, analyzing and suggesting new ideas for policymakers, academic staff, and the University at large;
  • Deep engagement in ongoing developments in educational technology at all levels of teaching and learning;
  • Assurance that all providers of education are accountable for the quality of their work.

2- Educational Assessment Development

  • Research, documentation, strategies, policies, and processes to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness in fostering student success;
  • Programmes and curricula in order to direct Faculties to be accountable for student learning;
  • Teaching and learning in order to demonstrate that students have met standards of international accreditation bodies.

3- Quality Management

  • Maintaining and improving standards of teaching and learning, student learning experience, research, and community services;
  • Monitoring and evaluating instruments and activities aiming at improvement at the University level;
  • Providing Faculties with guidance and assistance in the process of implementing and achieving their own quality assurance works concerning teaching & learning, physical resources and services, and programme international accreditation;
  • Receiving, processing and responding to the reviews and feedback coming from internal and external stakeholders and “Faculties’ Advisory Committees”.

4- Quality Enhancement

  • Curricula and programmes enhancement by using feedbacks coming from Stakeholders, Alumni and “Advisory Committees”;
  • Students’ competencies and outcomes enhancement for successful learning, living and working. Students must be equipped with confidence enabling them face challenges in the labor market and in professional careers;
  • Enhancement of the existing quality assurance system through structuring strengths, weaknesses and prospects to meet international standards of quality assurance in higher education;
  • Enhancement of quality management by issuing reports concluding significant risk and control issues, and including other matters that require the attention of senior management and decision-makers.