Social & Cultural

Students interested in helping other members within the community, making new friends, and building on their leadership and self-discipline abilities can join one of our social and cultural clubs. BAU’s social and cultural clubs include the Environmental Protection Club, the Red Cross Club, the Scouts Club, and the Social Club.


Environmental Club

In the Environmental Club, you will get to join other environmental enthusiasts from around campus. You will get to explore what environmental issues endanger our environment and planet. And you will be able to perform action that counts. You may know us from previous campaigns we performed like “Big Blue Campaign”, “Recycling Campaign”, “NISR Campaign”, “Arab Environmental Youth Camp”… and many more.

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Red Cross Club

BAU’s Red Cross Club allows volunteers from across campus to be members of a group that affects real change in the community. Our humanitarian message is carried by both live actions and practical workshops. We care about the community, and we dedicate ourselves towards enhancing it.

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If you are a lover of the wilderness and of exploration, join our Scouts Club. In this club, we are a big family that simply loves the wild. This club will help you develop great character, responsible citizenship, and self-reliance. You will be exposed to a variety of outdoor activities, including many which are organized along with community organizations across Lebanon.

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Social Club

Our Social Club is a community-engaged club that cares about improving the lives of the underprivileged. In this club, we perform a lot of community service activities each year. The aim is to raise awareness and obtain funding and donations for those who are not as lucky as us.

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