Architecture-Design-and-Built-Environment - Course - SOIL MECHANICS & FOUNDATIONS, AND MATERIAL PROPERTIES & TESTING

  • Course Code: CVEE331
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: 1Lec, 2Tut
  • Course Type: Program Core Course (PCC)

Course Description

Combined Course addressing two technical fields: Introduction to soil mechanics: Soil formation and soil structure; Soil composition; Grain size analysis; Plasticity of soils; Effective stress concept; shear strength, stress distribution; Bearing capacity of shallow foundation; Theory of consolidation; Settlement; Soil exploration. Foundations: shallow, deep foundations, and pile caps. Introduction to Testing and properties of materials: strength characteristics of building materials and material assemblies; stress and strain; rigidity and deformation; temperature effects; torsion effects; combined loading of elements and systems. ARCH