Human-Sciences - Course - CONTEMPORARY FICTION

  • Course Code: ENGL514
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Cr.:3Lec)
  • Course Type: Elective Department (ED)

Course Description

The course presents a comprehensive introduction to British fiction from 1970s to the present. It outlines the main developments in contemporary fiction and engages with key themes such as cultural identity, gender, myth and history, Postcolonialism and urban culture. Works by a broad range of leading British writers, including Salman Rushdie, Jeanette Winterson, Will Self, Pat Barker, Kazuo Ishiguro, Martin Amis, Doris Lessing and Zadie Smith may be examined. Students will learn to analyze the language, style and structure of the key texts, and, by comparing them to extracts from eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, to understand their contexts. This course will ask students to consider the way they read and value contemporary writing, and will encourage them to discuss the approaches and assumptions in book reviews and literary prizes. Above all, this course aims to enhance their enjoyment and understanding of literature, and enable them to further explore contemporary writing. Choice of text varies from year to year.