Medicine - Course - Fetal Medicine.

  • Course Code: OBGY912
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (1Lec,1Cln)
  • Course Type:  Major Core (MC)

Course Description

Fetal breathing and body movement, Fetal cardiovascular physiology, Fetal cardiac arrhythmias, Fetal assessment by evaluation of biophysical variables, Fetal acid-base balance. Percutaneous fetal blood sampling. Fetal therapy (medical and surgical approaches).Amniotic fluid and meconium significance. Fetal lung development and maturation. Immunologic disorders. Intrauterine growth restriction. Maternal and fetal infections. Hemolytic disorders (erythroblastosis fetalis and non-immune hydrops).Identification and management of problems in high-risk neonate. Drug effects on the fetus.