Medicine - Course - Normal Pregnancy and Labor.

  • Course Code: OBGY901
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (1Lec,2Cln)
  • Course Type:  Major Core (MC)

Course Description

Epidemiology of obstetrics. Anatomy of the female bony pelvis and fetal skull. Fertilization, implantation and early development of the fetus. Placenta, membranes, and umbilical cord; placental functions and abnormalities; formation and functions of liquor amni, Fetal growth and development and fetal circulation. Physiological changes during pregnancy. Normal pregnancy. Diagnosis of pregnancy. Parturition and endocrine control, Preconceptional counseling, Antenatal care. Immunology in obstetrics. Drugs in obstetrics. Antepartum assessment of fetal well-being. Ultrasonography in obstetrics. Normal labour, mechanism and management of normal labour. Fetal monitoring in labour. Analgesia and anaesthesia in obstetrics. Induction and augmentation of labour. Immediate neonatal care. The puerperium: normal puerperium and lactation.