Fellowship in Advanced Endodontics | Module II

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29 September 2017


Module II. Three-dimensional Root canal Obturation and Treatment of Pulpal Diseases and Periapical Pathology by Dr. Andrea Polesel, Dr. Denise Pontoriero and Dr. Roula Abiad

Module II - First day: morning
Obturation of the root canal system: principles, materials and techniques
Single cone technique
Vertical compaction of warm gutta-percha and continuous wave of condensation
Carrier-based obturation techniques
Module II - First day: afternoon. Hands-on
Obturating the root canal system with vertical condensation technique
Plugger and cone fitting
Continuous wave of condensation technique
Module II - Second day: morning
Pulpal pathology
Diagnosis and treatment of painful emergencies
Periapical diseases: Treatment of chronic and acute apical periodontitis, abscess, granuloma and cyst)
Dental traumatic injuries: Treatment of root fracture, luxation and avulsion
Endo-perio problems: diagnosis and treatment
Single-visit endodontic treatment
Module II - Second day: afternoon. Hands-on
Obturating the root canal system with carrier based technique
Module II - Third day: all day. Hands-on
Importance of the apical seal and proper cone selection
Obturating the root canal system with lateral consideration technique