Fellowship in Advanced Endodontics | Module IV

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17 November 2017


Module IV. Endodontic Surgery by Dr. Marco Bonelli and Dr. Roula Abiad

Module IV - First day: morning
The use of the dental microscope
Indications for endodontic surgery
Medical considerations of the patient
Presurgical preparation of the patient
Preparation of the instruments and materials
Anatomic considerations
Flap design and incision
Elevation and retraction of the flap
Root cavity obturation
Module IV - First day: afternoon. Hands-on
Periapical bone removal with high speed handpieces plus dedicated burs, and with ultrasonic devices and tips
Root end resection and preparation of the new apex with ultrasonic dedicated tips
Root end filling
Bone defect filling with biomaterials
Module IV - Second day: morning
Root amputation
Hemorrhage control
Root end filling materials
Root end filling procedure
Suture materials and suturing
Immediate postsurgical care
Postsurgical complications
Postsurgical evaluation and suture removal
Failure and success in endodontic surgery
Module IV - Second day: afternoon.
Final Assessment
Graduation Ceremony November 19, 2017