• 18
    April. 2018
    MUBS – Spears Campus, Beirut – Lebanon

    Road Sa fety Symposium

    The attendees had several presentation from different organizations and institution. Some of these presentations were:

    • Road safety: the case of Lebanon presented by National Road safety council/ Major Michel Moutran.
    • Traffic accidents in Lebanon preventing needless loss of life: A Lebanese red cross perspective presented by Lebanese red cross/ Mr charbel aidamouni and Mr kassem chaalan
    • Information technologies and road safety presented by MUBS/ Dr. Ahmad bazzi
    • Alfa towards ISO 39001 Certification in road safety presented by Alfa/ Mrs. Tina halabi
    • Menasafe Erasmus+ Projects: BAU achievements presented by BAU/ Dr. Youssef Attallah
    • Asphalt specifications in Lebanon : critical review presented by University of Balamand by Dr.Nariman Khalil
    • K&A role in implementation of “ the second E’s solution” in the middle East and Gulf projects presented by Khatib and Alami/ Eng. Yussur Kotob
    • “Road safety program: Data reform and road safety audits: a case study of pilot project between antelias and amchite presented by SETS International / Eng. Yasmine Mahdi and eng Karim Jamaleddien.

  • 05
    June 2018

    Summer School


    • To encourage future student enrollment by attending seminars in some specific traffic safety topics
    • To train future trainers of the courses related to the seminar topics
    • To involve some local teachers in giving some parts of the seminars for presenting some local safety issues and good practices
    • To disseminate the project and traffic safety issues
    • To offer EU students some learning on topics within the project, new culture of study and teaching systems as well as networking with local students
    • To involve EU students in teaching some practical parts related to their PhD thesis


    • UPV – 5 Seminars
      • Statistical Analysis
      • Safe Geometric Design Using Civil 3D
      • Operational and Consistency Analysis
      • Traffic Calming
      • Research Methodology
    • GUT – 5 Seminars
      • Safety planning
      • Safety management
      • Urban safety
      • Highway engineering and safety
      • Statistical and risk analysis
    • LiU – 5 Seminars
      • Human behaviour and safety
      • Safety fundamentals
      • Traffic Calming
      • Urban safety
      • ICT, ITS, and safety