Green Behaviour Seminars

The Green Behaviour seminar is a series of seminars involved directly Lebanese schools in order to promote and raise awareness on the GR.ENE.CO project’s aims, and to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge about Renewable Energies, energy and environment saving at local level.

The seminars were addressed to 21 local schools. The schools were selected from all Lebanese governances. In able to conduct all the seminars within the agreed period, four sets of seminars are running in parallel depends on the high school geographical area, as follows:

Area Location School Name Date No: of students
1 Beirut Hassan Kassir High School 14-15-16/May 100
LIU 21-22-23/May 29
Bayyan School 3-4-5/June 56
Metn Besanon 12-13-14/June 63
Fanar Agriculture School 28-29-30/May 15
2 Aley Universal College of Aley 14-15-16/May 90
Al Shouf Deir Almokhales 21-22-23/May 40
Baakline Agriculture School 4-5-6/May 32
Saida Rafic Hariri High School 28-29-30/May 83
3 Hasbaya Mostakbal High School 21-22-23/May 38
Marjiyoun Khiam Agriculture School 4-5-6/May 36
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Agriculture School 14-15-16/May 37
AUCE 3-4-5/June 32
4 Rashaya Irfan Schools 8-9-10/June 60
Hermel National College of Lebanon 4-5-6/May 32
Nasriyet Risk Nasriyet Rizk Agriculture school 14-15-16/May 61
Beit Shiema Afaque Institue 22-23-24/April 37
5 Abdeh Abdeh Agriculture School 22-23-24/May 32
Hrar Hrar High School 14-15-16/May 26
Kalamoun Kalamoun Secondary School 28-29-30/May 50
Amioun Amioun High School 4-5-6/June 34

Total number of students


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