Successful Workshop Unveils Key Insights into 5G Global Trends, Services, and Huawei's 5G Core Advantages

28 September 2023


Within the framework of the prestigious "ELEGANT" Erasmus+ project, a highly anticipated workshop on 5G technology brought together industry professionals, renowned experts, and passionate enthusiasts to delve into the forefront of telecommunications. This exceptional event unfolded on the remarkable date of Thursday, September 28th, 2023, offering a wealth of invaluable insights into the current global trends in 5G, its expansive array of services, and the innovative advantages presented by Huawei's cutting-edge 5G core technologies.

Furthermore, the workshop attracted the distinguished participation of notable members from MUBS, with Prof. Sobhi Abou Chahine and Prof. Bassem Kaissi lending their considerable expertise and scholarly insights to the proceedings. Their presence significantly enhanced the depth of knowledge and the quality of discourse at this prestigious event.

5G Global Insights

The workshop commenced with a deep dive into the evolving landscape of 5G technology. Participants were treated to a comprehensive overview of global 5G trends, gaining a broader perspective on its implications and potential. Industry leaders shared their expertise, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities posed by 5G networks worldwide.

5G Services and Requirements

One of the highlights of the event was the exploration of 5G services and their underlying requirements. Attendees had the opportunity to grasp the diverse range of services made possible by 5G technology, from ultra-fast internet connectivity to transformative applications in healthcare, transportation, and more. Discussions also revolved around the essential prerequisites for unleashing the full potential of 5G networks.

Huawei 5G Core Advantages

A focal point of the workshop was Huawei's presentation on its 5G core advantages. Huawei's cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the 5G sphere were showcased, emphasizing the advantages that set the company apart in the highly competitive 5G landscape. Attendees gained insights into the pivotal role Huawei plays in shaping the future of 5G technology.

The event featured interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and informative presentations, making it a comprehensive platform for all attendees, whether seasoned professionals or newcomers to the field.

The workshop's success underlines the growing interest in 5G technology and its potential to transform industries across the globe.

As the curtains fell on the enlightening workshop, Mrs. Fatima, PR & ICT Ecosystem Specialist -Huawei Lebanon, took the stage to unveil an exciting opportunity for students and aspiring tech enthusiasts. She announced the launch of Huawei Lebanon's yearly ICT Talent Competition and Training for the year 2023-2024.

This competition is designed to encourage and support students from various Lebanese universities in harnessing their talents and expertise in advanced technologies. Participants will have the chance to explore cutting-edge fields such as Datacom, AI, WLAN, Security, Cloud, Big Data, and Storage.

ICT Competition 2023-2024 is divided for 3 main tracks, Computing/ Network/ and Cloud.

To register and embark on this exciting journey into the world of advanced technologies, please visit the official Huawei Lebanon website. click here