Visit to Ciment De Sibline

19 October 2018


The ASCE-Student Chapter at Beirut Arab University (BAU) organized a field trip to “Ciment De Sibline” on Friday Oct 19, 2018 in Iklim El Kharoub, Shouf Area. Sibline is well known as one of the three major producers of clinker and cement in Lebanon with an annual production of cement exceeding 1.35 Million tons.

The trip included a group of undergraduate civil engineering students guided by Dr. Hussein Kassem and Prof. Jamal Khatib. The students were introduced to a brief history of the factory and a briefing about the different products it produces. The students attended a lecture given by the Human Resources manager at Sibline in which they were introduced to different jobs/roles that can be played by a civil engineer in such types of factories. Then, the students were introduced to the safety measures and regulations that need to be followed throughout the visit as well as by the workers in the factory.

The tour started with a visit to the light weight construction products unit. This was followed by a tour to the different stages of cement production. After that, the students explored the laboratories that are responsible of testing the chemical and physical properties of cement. Finally, Dr. Fouad Jaafar (QC Manager at Sibline) encouraged the students to implement safety measures throughout their careers and also emphasized on the importance of considering the environmental aspects of any future project. Dr. Jaafar discussed with the students the history of the cement production as well as the future challenges of the cement and concrete industries in Lebanon.

In return, Dr. Hussein Kassem (ASCE student chapter advisor) thanked “Ciment De Sibline” for this amazing opportunity. The ASCE Student Chapter cabinet would like to thank “Cimient De Sibline” and Dean of Faculty of Engineering at BAU Prof. Adel Elkurdi for making this trip a successful one.