Effect of global postural correction exercises on stress urinary incontinence during pregnancy: A randomized controlled trial


Background: One of the many consequences of pregnancy that may negatively affect a woman’s quality of life is stress urinary incontinence caused by activities of daily living especially those associated with increased intraabdominal pressure. Objective: This research aimed to explore the impact of global postural correction exercises on stress urinary incontinence among pregnant women. Participants and Methodology: Forty primigravida female at their third trimester (aged between 26–36 years), with a single fetus, diagnosed with stress urinary incontinence take part in the research. Participants were assigned randomly into two groups: Study group (group A; n = 20) and control group (group B; n = 20). The participants were tested twice, before and after a 12-week period, during which group A received global postural correction exercises in addition to Kegel exercises, while group B performed only Kegel exercises. A perineometer was used to evaluate the change in vaginal squeeze pressure both before and after conducting the study. UDI-6 was utilized to assess changes in incontinence severity symptoms. Results: Findings revealed a significant increase in the mean value of vaginal squeeze pressure (p < .05) in the post-test condition in comparison to the pre-test in both groups A and B. Additionally, there was a main decrease (p < .05) in the mean value of UDI-6 in both groups. Moreover, findings showed a significant negative (inverse) correlation (p < .05) between the difference in vaginal squeeze pressure and the UDI-6 in all patients. Conclusions: Postural correction exercises in addition to Kegel exercises are effective in reducing urine leakage in women with stress urinary incontinence and should be an integral part of the management of such condition.

Journal/Conference Information

JOURNAL OF HUMAN SPORT & EXERCISE ,DOI: 10.14198/jhse.2020.15.Proc3.38, ISSN: 1988-5202, Volume: 15, Issue: proceeding, Pages Range: 1-10,