BAU Announcement

27 March 2020


To all the members of the BAU community
Dear Staff-members, Directors, Employees and Students.

In the light of the current adversity that is sweeping through the whole world because of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), which has brought life to a halt, I sincerely hope that you are all keeping well, healthy and safe.
I would also like to reiterate that Beirut Arab University is keen on the smooth continuation of education, both in our students’ best interest and with the aim to save the academic year. This is why BAU adopted online learning as an alternative approach to allow for the completion of its various curricula and programs, in alignment with all other higher education institutions, both in Lebanon and world-wide. The University not only exerts all possible efforts to make this a successful experience, but also takes into consideration all conditions and challenges that may face the students as they use this approach. These challenges may relate to the nature of courses (being theoretical, practical or clinical), or to the poor quality of the internet services available to the students.

Based on the above, here are some practical measures currently taken by the University:
1.    Offering educational materials by uploading lectures and activities to Moodle and/or iConnect, or via live broadcasting techniques to ensure interaction with the students.
2.    Interactive communication with the academic staff-members via a diversity of means of communication, to respond to any questions or queries.
3.    All courses that are based on practical applications and cannot be covered through distance learning shall be completed once the current crisis ends, and upon the safe and sound return to our on-campus classrooms through intensified classes (these include practical, clinical, studio and other courses).
4.    Ensuring that all graduation requirements are punctually met for students in their final years.
5.    Extending the academic year as needed and in accordance with current developments; this entails the announcement of the start of the next academic year when deemed appropriate.
6.    Continuing the use of distance learning during the month of April 2020 till the end of the spring semester.
7.    Finding a mechanism that ensures the running of exams and evaluations when deemed appropriate and in accordance with the prevailing conditions.
8.    Taking into consideration the students’ circumstances and the challenges posed by distance learning, including the quality of the internet, the bad coverage of some areas, and the lack of the technical know-how and skills needed among some students.
In the light of the difficult times we are living through today, Beirut Arab University affirms that it has its students’ best interests in mind. The University, therefore, calls upon all to work with dedication towards overcoming the hurdles we are facing and to bring the process of distance learning to full fruition. The University, thus, urges each student to communicate with the Faculty administrations or the Student Affairs Deanship to resolve any difficulties or challenges they may face in the logistics of this adopted educational approach.

In the end, we pray to God that this calamity passes, life returns to normal and the University opens its gates to resume the academic year with the best measures available.
For further information or in the case of any difficulties, please contact us via the Student Affairs Deanship email at

Wishing you all safety and success.

Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi
President, Beirut Arab University