Beirut Arab University celebrates the graduation of the Eleventh Batch at Tripoli Campus

01 June 2024


Minister Mawlawi: National Unity within the Legitimacy Framework leads to Success in National and Operational Issues

Beirut Arab University celebrated the graduation of the eleventh batch of students from the faculties in Tripoli branch. The 223 graduates who hold the bachelor's and postgraduate degrees, are distributed among the Faculties of Business, Architecture-Design and Built Environment, Engineering, Science and Health Sciences.
The speaker at the ceremony was His Excellency the Minister of the Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi. He said: “I start from Palestine and Southern Lebanon, from the subsequent injustice of children and innocent people caused by a nation that has never united on its basic issues, from southern Lebanon, which desires law and legitimacy that protects its land and protects its people. From there we begin to say that national unity within the framework of legitimacy leads to success in all national and practical issues.
“In Lebanon, we live in difficult political and economic conditions in the absence of a President of the Republic. We live in divisions and tensions that do not work. We have to return to national unity; thus, the country succeeds with national unity and understandably, the country's issues succeed. I recommend that you all be compatible understanders to preserve your history, to preserve your country and to reach a country filled with progress and development.”
Mawlawi addressed graduates: “I advise in filial piety. When I saw you on this stage, I only felt in determination. The determination to be together hand in hand, to achieve progress of this country and its political unity, in addition, raise its economy in which you use the knowledge you learnt at university to achieve progress and glory.”
Mawlawi mentioned in his speech: “The curators of Beirut Arab University loved righteousness and charity that produced Beirut Arab University that is indeed a leading university in progress and development, a university that gives graduates knowledge, love and faith, and everything necessary to build the nation.”
Deputies Taha Naji, Dr. Ihab Matar, Jamil Abboud, Mohammad Yehia, Walid
Al Baarini, former deputies, Dr. Rami Fanj, Ali Darwish, Misbah Al Ahdab, Moustafa Hashem, Army Commander General Joseph Aoun represented by Brigadier General Omar Barakat, Governor of the North, Judge Ramzi Nahra, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Lebanon, Sheikh Saud bin Abdel Rahman Bin Faisal Al-Thani, represented by Mr. Saif Al Mansouri, Mufti of Tripoli Sheikh Mohammad Tarek Imam, Mufti of Akkar  Zeid Mohammad Bakkar Zakaria, Greek Catholic Archbishop of Tripoli and Koura Archbishop Edouard George Daher, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al Bir Wal Ihsan and the President of the University's Board of Trustees, Dr. Ammar Houry, BAU Secretary-General, Dr. Omar Houri, military leaders, Presidents of orders and syndicates, University Presidents, Heads of Institutions, Faculty Deans, and a large crowd of political, economic, municipal, spiritual, social representatives and  families of graduates attended the ceremony.
The ceremony started with the procession of graduates, then the procession of the University President, deans, academic staff followed by the Lebanese national anthem and the university anthem in addition to a recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Engineer Omar Kabbara.
Dr. Ghina El-Wali from the Faculty of Engineering hosted the ceremony and addressed the graduates: “You are ambassadors of our University everywhere you go. Carry its mission in honor and pride. Be its best representative, and prove to everyone that you are an educated generation capable of making positive change. You are a symbol of success and excellence, you are the future of this country and you will rise Lebanon again.”
Addressing the graduates, the student Fatima Fattah from the Faculty of Business Administration said: “My experience in this university began from the very first step I entered the door of the university. Time flew in which the stations accumulate. In every page of life there is sweetness and bitterness. I hereby stand before you today in the most beautiful station souls wait for that is stepping down the train of study and fatigue. We step down with respect and appreciation on our heads and we extend respect and appreciation for each white hand on this journey.”
The President of the University, Prof. Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, then spoke about some achievements in Tripoli branch: “In the field of education and students, new programs were introduced for the new university year, the pharmacy program, the marketing program and reviving the computer engineering program. While in ranking, Beirut Arab University continued to rank first in Lebanon in the World University Ranking THE”
“In the field of community service, Beirut Arab University has carried out several medical campaigns in various medical disciplines and has also hosted numerous events, seminars and conferences in all branches and in various fields, including cultural, social, medical and economic, the most recent of which was the International Economic Conference of Migrants and Local Economic Experts entitled “Immigrant Empowerment Initiative in the North: Bridging Borders and Building Futures.” As  well, the heritage exhibition and celebration of the Al-Fayhaa Coral on the margins of the celebration of the city of Tripoli as capital of Arab culture.”
In conclusion, the President of the University presented the university's honorary shield to Minister Mawlawi and distributed the certificates to the graduates and outstanding students. Then the ceremony ended with fireworks.