Launching the Nineteenth Batch of Specialized Doctors at Beirut Arab University

15 June 2023


The Faculty of Medicine celebrated the launch of the 19th batch of specialized doctors who successfully completed their clinical training in the various medical specialties at several university and educational hospitals.
His Excellency the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firas Al-Abiad, represented by Mr. Omar Al-Koush, the Lebanese Order of Physicians Dr. Youssef Bakhash, President of the University Board of Trustees Dr. Ammar Houri, Secretary-General Dr. Omar Houri, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor Mahmoud Mahfouz, Directors of hospitals, Deans of Faculties, members of the faculty’s academic staff and the families of graduate doctors attended the ceremony.
The batch included 50 doctors in cardiovascular specialties, Infectious Diseases, General Surgery, endocrinology, Pulmonary, Intensive care, along with Psychiatry, Hematology and tumors, Digestive and Internal medicine, Nephrology, Orthopedics surgery, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and neonatal as well as specialization in Radiology, Anesthesiology, Recovery and emergency medicine and medical laboratories.
After the Lebanese national anthem and the university anthem, a documentary film about the faculty was shown, then Dr. Amal Naous, master of the ceremony, delivered a speech, “Beirut Arab University taught batches of the best doctors in the world who are scattered in all regions. They are distinguished by high morality, refined culture and confident knowledge to serve humanity. We cannot forget to thank and appreciate the generous efforts of hospitals and medical staff that have contributed in training and guiding our graduates till they reached this special day that we are celebrating today.”
The graduate Dr. Mohammad Boulad delivered the graduates speech, “Finally, the long nights that our eyelids witnessed has ended. We experienced the sleepless nights and fatigue from one side and the sweetness of knowledge, experience and development on the other. How an occasion like today’s passes without addressing the best thanks and gratitude to every professor and doctor who has given us his knowledge and glow till we emerged today with knowledge that benefits people and society.”

Boulad continued: “After every ending a new beginning and a continuous work starts tirelessly and relentlessly... Therefore, let us choose together a suitable title for the next phase and say: "In the name of God we start.”
Professor Mahmoud Mahfouz, the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, congratulated the graduates in his speech pointing out that “It is a day that we waited for it so long. Now you folded a page from the pages of your working life and started a new page that you will write in letters of light and filled it with hope, work and achievements. You took over the responsibility of health care in one of the most delicate and critical periods the country is passing through and you still carry the torches of light amid the darkness of diseases, ignorance and suffering."
Mahfouz continued, "Dear graduates, words are unable to express how happy I am with your graduation. I was honored to teach you with my dear fellow faculty members. We were with you day after day during the university years and now we see you as you have become famous. I reassure my colleagues that their plant today has brought flowers that we are smelling its scent knowledge and welfare everywhere.”
The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates to the graduates and taking the graduation oath.