Launching the Twentieth Batch of Specialized Doctors at Beirut Arab University

05 June 2024


The Faculty of Medicine at Beirut Arab University of Beirut celebrated the launch of the twentieth batch of specialist doctors, who successfully completed their clinical training in various medical specialties at several university hospitals.
His Excellency the Minister of Public Health Dr. Firas Al-Abiad, represented by Mr. Omar Al-Koush. General Joseph Aoun, represented by the Chief of Military Medicine Brigadier-General Edgar Trabelsi. President of the Board of Trustees of Bir Wal Ihsan and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University Dr. Ammar Houry. Secretary-General Dr. Omar Houri. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor Mahmoud Mahfouz. Assistant Dean Dr. Mohammad Houry. Director of Tripoli branch Dr. Hani Al Shaarani, representatives of participating hospitals, Deans of Faculties, members of the faculty’s academic staff and the families of graduating doctors attended the ceremony.
The batch included 23 doctors in cardiovascular, hematology and oncology, internal medicine, nephrology, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, as well as orthopedics, pulmonary diseases and intensive care, ear, nose and throat surgery and bariatric surgery specialties.
After the national anthem of Lebanon and the university anthem, the University documentary film was screened, and then the master of the ceremony Dr. Amal Naous delivered a speech “Beirut Arab University is a lighthouse of refined medical education and shall always be so. Generations of the most skilled doctors who are spread across the globe, distinguished by high morals, high culture, and confident education to serve humanity graduated from the university”.
Naous continued: “Of course, we cannot forget to thank and appreciate the dignified efforts of hospitals and medical personnel that have contributed to the training and mentoring of our graduates and so they reach this special day that we are celebrating today.”
After screening the documentary about the faculty, the Dean, Professor Mahmoud Mahfouz, said in his word “I am proud that this celebration is the first graduation ceremony for specialist doctors after the Faculty of Medicine obtained the final unconditional accreditation of our bachelor's degree program from the international accreditation body World Federation for Medical Education Standards (WFME). These graduates that we celebrate their graduation are the fruit of this outstanding program whose standards are in line with the international accreditation standards of the post-ACGME bachelor's level and we hope that this will be an incentive for us to adopt this program if God wills.”
Mahfouz continued addressing his words to the graduates: “You are the jewel of Lebanon's youth and its durable corner. We have taken responsibility for health care in one of the most precise and critical periods. Many health and economic challenges have affected the medical service greatly from the migration of medical and educational staff and the lack of medicine, medical supplies and many more. You were, as always, responsible, starred in the darkness of disease, pandemic and suffering. You were leaders at the most difficult moments ".
Then the graduate doctor Dr. Rim Makari read the speech in the name of graduates: “We learned in this journey how to be doctors who listen in their hearts and understand in their minds before speaking any word. We learnt to understand the suffering of our patients, and to be a source of hope and reassurance in their difficult moments. These experiences were an invaluable gift, and an incentive for us to achieve as hard as we can.”
Makari continued addressing the professors: “You were a light that lighted our path in the most difficult times, and you were more than teachers, you were guides and leaders. Thanks to your guidance, from which we learned how to treat patients with compassion, humanity and wisdom. Beirut Arab University, which was the second home, provided us with a supportive and encouraging educational environment, and provided us with opportunities for learning and academic growth.
The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates to the graduates after performing the Hippocratic oath.