White Coat Ceremony At Beirut Arab University

06 June 2024


The Faculty of Medicine at Beirut Arab University celebrated the graduation of 112 students during the "White Coat" ceremony that was held at Beirut campus. This celebration reflects students' transition from academic life to the medical professional life and affirms their commitment in maintaining the highest standards of care and professionalism.
The ceremony started with the Lebanese national anthem and the university anthem, then a documentary film about the faculty was screened. Dr. Bilal Azakir, the master of the ceremony” addressed to students "A big salute to those who will wear the white coat, the symbol of purity, professionalism, responsibility, a symbol of honesty, trust and respect, a symbol of belonging, learning and adherence to medical values and professional responsibilities towards themselves first and towards their patients."

"Despite the difficulties, professors and doctors of the department were able to develop educational programs, methods and continuous evaluation, as well as increase early clinical training for students, establish medical campaigns over all Lebanese territories, develop organizational frameworks for the department and complete more than 45 researches publishing half of them in international journals besides the outstanding excellence in international exams. Above all these works, working with other colleagues on obtaining the international accreditation from WFME, which ranked this faculty among the most successful certified medical faculties".

Then Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor Mahmoud Mahfouz spoke to the students saying: "Today we share with you the celebration of ending the exams period and the completion of the first three years in your beloved faculty and beginning a new stage in your educational process. Tomorrow you will move to practical study where you wear your white coat and spend most of your time in hospitals, medical centers and clinics applying what you have learned."
"The white coat (the name of our ceremony today) shall continue to be a symbol of purity in form and essence, a companion to the struggle that you live with, a symbol of the honour of your future profession if God wills, and expressing professionalism, commitment and responsibility and bringing the confidence of the patients in you. Today, you are requested to follow the ethics of the doctors and investigate adherence to the highest ethical standards where you became part of the big medical community."
Then student Lynn Kaafrani said, "It is high prestigious for me to stand today on this podium to address you in my name and on behalf of my colleagues from Beirut Arab University platform. The university that symbolled our dreams and our parent’s dreams to form our promising academic and educational position, to set us free from the space of its faculty of medicine to the workspaces and creativity in Lebanon and the world. In this regard, we shall be its messengers to be to the human being wherever he is and to finger point to this glorious edifice administration, professors and students who deserve education, work and life ".
At the end of the ceremony, the students wore the white coat, announcing their commitment during the next years of training, to provide patients with care and preservation.