Vision & Mission


Developing credibility in being capable to be believed, reaching the creativity level in having the power of creation and capturing the collaboration aspect of working as groups. The Public Relations and Communications aims to act in a commitment manner in order to succeed in exceeding expectations by creating awareness and the proper environment that is obtained through implementing the right strategy to grow our Educational Institution. Our Administration Lights on results-oriented campaigns that serve both the academic and the educational high standards which strengthen the position of Beirut Arab University throughout the professional strategic planning and proper orientation.


The Public Relations and Communications seeks to achieve strong bonds between Beirut Arab University and the exterior atmosphere in order to reach a large outside audience, protect and manage the University's reputation, strengthen image, and increase the academic awareness. Bearing in mind that empowering students and encouraging faculties to develop effective meaningful voices, our administration fosters to interpret and understand communication situations and challenges by creating and implementing innovative Public Relations Campaigns in order to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and experience.