About Us


To create and support publications that comply with international standards to strengthen digital and printed publishing based on quality.


To provide important publications that increase the reputation and efficiency of the University as well as disseminate information to serve BAU parties while maintaining an environment in which excellent communication skills are practiced and customized to meet expectations.


Creating a productive workplace while showing appreciation for all co-workers under all circumstances.
Achieving excellence to meet the highest standards and realize outstanding outcomes.
Meeting expectations with passionate dedication, a high level of commitment, and hard work.
Building an inclusive and trusted team while encouraging clear and frequent communication.
Establishing a positive approach to better problem solving and to overcome challenges.


  • Establishing the appropriate editorial and visual tone for various BAU publications.
  • Supporting the shift to a digital environment through a digital printing strategy.
  • Encouraging sustainable development goals that ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and enhance lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Strengthening the research environment by collaborating on productions and online journals to support research and increase its quality, quantity and impact.
  • Sharing reliable information and providing trusted content about BAU to be disseminated through publications to internal and external parties.
  • Building resilience in the workplace to be more open to change and adaptability with the aim of ensuring the continuity of the publishing process.
  • Applying the 7Cs, which are control, competence, confidence, character, connection, coping, and contribution to overcome challenges.