Awarded Incentives

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Moral Incentives

  • Supporting active researchers (who are active in publishing their work and have frequent and recent publications) to participate in international conferences or visits to academic institutions, provided that the conference and the academic visit comply with BAU policies.
  • Taking into consideration the teaching load of the active researchers based on the Faculty’s teaching load and managing this load in coordination with the Faculty Dean.

Financial Incentives

1- Publications in International Indexed Journals:

The journal in which the applicant’s work has been published should have the following criteria:

  • The journal should be peer-reviewed and specialized in the applicant’s research domain.
  • The journal should have a website that presents its information along with its publication guidelines.
  • The journal should be issued regularly.

Journals are classified according to their ranking in each field. BAU grants incentives only to works published in journals of the first two Quartiles (Q1 and Q2). These quartiles are determined according to Scimago, an online bibliometric indicators database. The University awards incentives according to the following criteria (In case of a joint research work, incentives are distributed equally ONLY among BAU researchers):

  • Publishing in Q1 journals: The researcher is awarded $1,000 in addition to the publishing expenses.
  • Publishing in Q2 journals: The researcher is awarded $500 in addition to the publishing expenses.

2- Publishing in Classified Arabic Journals:

A researcher who publishes in classified Arabic journals, approved by the relevant Faculty, is awarded $1,000 in addition to the publishing expenses.

3- Publishing Books or Book Chapters:

Beirut Arab University awards incentives to books published with reputable international publishers (determined by the library administration).

Researchers who publish a book are awarded $1,000 as a reward, and $500 in case of publishing a book chapter. In both cases, the book must be peer-reviewed by a specialized committee.

4- Winning in Scientific or Architectural Competitions or Getting Excellence Awards:

Researchers are awarded between $1,000-$2,000; depending on the decision of an assigned specialized committee.

5- Acquisition of an External Grant:

Researchers are awarded incentives as deemed suitable and depending on the value of the acquired grant.