Clinical Pharmacy and Practice

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Researchers in Pharmacy Practice Department and Pharm D students in the Faculty of Pharmacy focus on tracking the epidemiology, management and outcomes of common illnesses/conditions. Epidemiologic methods are used to examine the real-world use, safety and effectiveness of drug therapies as well as the pharmacist role in his practice environment.

Obtained evidence inform health policy on the quality use of medicines, medicines safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness and influence practices. Main areas of research relate to optimizing pharmacotherapy, medication safety, pharmacoepidemiology, patient behavior and outcomes, as well as pharmacist services. Our previous studies investigated health outcomes of patients having a range of disorders such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and urinary tract infections. It was evident that there is suboptimal use of medication therapy in these patient populations. Therefore, interventions aiming at improving patient’s medication therapy are required.

Future research would evaluate the effects of interventions targeting prescriber’s/pharmacist/patient knowledge attitude and practices on achieving optimal patient outcomes from medication therapies.