Digital Technology in Healthcare

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The huge advances in technology, and specifically digital technology, have played a major role in shaping the current medical and health-related practices. The Application of this technology in the fields of health aims to empower the health care workers to deal effectively with health problems and consequent threats. Patient-centered projected goals are safer practice, affordable services, better informed patient, and improved health outcomes. Research contributes in evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of Digital Technology modalities including health information systems, computer based technologies and analysis techniques, smart devices, and communication media.

The bright aspects of Digital Technology in Healthcare are numerous; however, we cannot ignore the potential threats imposed by technology on the health of individuals. The interaction between health care providers and patients can be dramatically affected, as an example.

The ultimate goal would be to maximize the beneficial use of technology, and minimize its detrimental effects on health. Hence, the need for research in this field is obvious. The decisions that we take using our “common sense” in order to accept or reject a new technological modality, may be misleading. Only meticulous, well-structured research can guide us to an optimal utilization of technology in the healthcare field.