Medical Education

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Medical education research aims to study various instructional methods in order to promote efficient delivery and allow students to acquire the intended outcomes. Two studies have been conducted at the Department of Nursing and were directed towards the identification and implementation of effective teaching strategies in nursing education. The first study entitled “Impact of high-fidelity simulation on the development of clinical judgment and motivation among Lebanese nursing students” contributed to the validation of simulation as a teaching strategy in the nursing curriculum. The second study entitled “Lebanese Student’s Experience of Benefits of High Fidelity Simulation in Nursing Education: A Qualitative Approach” explored the perception of students upon the implementation and integration of simulation into their learning process.

The significance of these studies was beyond expanding our understanding of the effectiveness of different instructional modalities; it rather documents employers’ worry concerning nursing students’ ability to integrate acquired competencies and clinical judgment into the actual clinical setting. Moreover, the findings might provide nursing educators with the notion that traditional clinical practice combined with simulation-based learning may offer better functioning outcomes. The findings could be used as a cornerstone for the application of High Fidelity Simulation, as a valuable addition to clinical practice and to support clinical experiences in healthcare settings. These studies highlighted also many of the challenges confronted by novice nursing students in the traditional clinical setting and encourage nurse educators to adopt suitable solutions that can guide students through their first clinical rotation.

Future research will focus on the learning aspect of the educational process, and the exploration of valid techniques in enhancing the effectiveness of the studying styles of the students, such as concept mapping and the use and integration of technology in the learning process of nursing students.