Advances in Technology

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Society, culture and technology coevolve so that one cannot be fully understood without knowing something about the other. This multidisciplinary is interesting in exploring the intersection in depth between these three. Technological development throughout the world is a major contributor for the evolution of the society, cultures and human behaviour. Since the world is changing very fast, the question that is being asked every day is how to meet new and constantly evolving demands? These problems are composite and convoluted, including not only a need for economic studies, but also advances in technology and changes in human behavior. Faculty members are real contributors to the shaping, development, and deployment of technological solutions for the benefit of society, culture and human behavior.

The topics that are being addressed under this theme are:

  • Analysis of social network in the context of improved content distribution: Social networks have become a central part in the life of the earth population. They also provide valuable data for engineering research to analyze the human behavior of those using these tools. This data is then employed to develop advanced content distribution solutions and strategies such as ad placement, video caching alternatives, etc.

The Faculty is continuously encouraging its researchers to work with teams from other departments. This encouragement is expected to increase the research topics under this theme in the near future.