Construction, Planning and Design

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Construction and planning engineering produce facilities and systems that are essential to modern life and infrastructure. Researches at the Faculty of Engineering cover many aspects that affect societies, cultures and the environment that humans live, such as bridges, roads, harbors, airports, industrial facilities, and many others. Several specialization tracks are available such as Structures, Infrastructure/Pavement, Foundations/Heavy Civil and Environmental Facilities. Construction, through uniqueness in planning design, gives identity to cultures and societies that in turn have an effect on the human and its behavior. For instance, the use of self-compacting concrete in construction application would reduce the number of skilled labour required on a construction site and the noise coming from the compaction of traditional concrete. Reducing the noise due to construction activities particularly in urban area would be beneficial to the urban society. The human behaviour would also be affected and people perception of construction may change.

Some topics are currently being addressed by faculty members. Some of these topics are:

  • Reduction of noise on construction sites using self-compacting concrete.
  • Impact on construction activities on human behavior.
  • Floating bridges to minimize construction time and reduce cost.
  • Retrofitting of reinforced concrete structures.

The investments in this domain are already large. The faculty is aiming on keeping these investments in terms of research financial support and collaboration with international stakeholders in the near future.