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Fatima Belok

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Architecture-Design And Built Environment

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Fatima Belok

Assistant professor

Fatima Yahya Belok received her Ph.D in 2020, M.Arch in Architecture in 2016 and B.S all from Beirut Arab University, faculty of Architecture - Design And Built Environment. She is an assistant professor in the faculty in Tripoli. Her filed was related to parametric architecture and kinetic facades for enhancing daylight performance. She was an assistant in Parametric and Kinetic workshop at Sapienza University Of Rome, in 2016. She is the Co-founder of the winning project (Hope in Sand and Pipes) in innovate for refugees’ competition (IFR) launched by MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab. Also winning a competition for designing “Arabic Scout City” for Mashha Municipality. In addition, she participates in many conferences such as the international conference in London called Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering & Computing Techniques (PACT), and urban health & wellbeing conference (UHWB18). Also she participates in a grant – funded project called “Our City Our Way” funded by the “South Med CV” and co-funded by the European Union.


Fall 2020-2021courses

  • ARCH 431. Architectural design V
  • ARCH 433. Execution design III
  • ARCH549.Graduation programming
  • ARCH541. Architecture Internship
  • ARTD 201.Design Fundamentals
  • ARTD 207.Computer aided Drafting and Design I
  • INTD 407.Internship

Spring 2020-2021courses

  • ARCH 432. Architectural design VI
  • ARCH 264. Introduction to Shape Grammars
  • ARTD 202. Interior Design Studio I
  • ARTD 208.Computer aided Drafting and Design II
  • INTD 225.Graphic Design


-2019 Publication in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development (ESSD)/ISSN (print:2357-0849, online:2357-0857) Kinetic Facades for Achieving Visual Comfort: High Performance Computing. Fatima Belok, Ibtehal El-Bastawissi. Mouhamad Assem Hanafi, Mustafa Rabea.

-2019 Publication in a journal: Architectural & Planning Journal (APJ), in Lebanon, Beirut Acheiving Visual Comfort in Universities Educational Spaces : A Design Framework for Kinetic Façades Fatima Belok, Ibtehal El-Bastawissi. Mouhamad Assem Hanafi, Mustafa Rabea

 -2018 Publication in a conference called: Urban Health & Wellbeing Building Collaborative Intelligence for Better Lives in Cities (UHWB18), in Lebanon, Debbiyeh. Recommendations for designing healthier Kids’ gardens: Toward better mental and physical health: case study in Tripoli, Lebanon. Fatima Belok, Nabil Mohareb, Mustafa Rabea. .



  • In 2018

Winning in an International competition in the second edition of MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab “Innovate for Refugees (IFR)” This international completion was designed to attract the best tech-driven solutions addressing the challenges faced by refugees all over the world. Almost 1800 projects have participated, and just 5 projects have win. Our project was” Hope in Sand and Pipes”, and was one of those Top 5 winner. The idea was to design a transitional and sustainable shelter (a prototype is already built/scale1/1). For more information about the competition you could visit the website:

  • In 2016

Nominated to the “International LafrageHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction”

  • In 2014

“Arabic Scout City” for Mashha Municipality It is a competition for designing and Arabic Scout city in Mashha,Akkar. Lebanon