Mary Felix

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Mary Felix

Faculty of Architecture - Design And Built Environment

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Mary Felix

Assistant Professor in Architecture

Mary Felix received her Ph.D in architectural engineering “site landscaping processes: modular cells as an approach for appropriating cost” , Cairo university in 2011 and M.Sc. in architectural engineering (urban development and community design) “value engineering as a key enrolment in architectural and urban conservation”, Cairo university in 2007. she obtained her bachelor of science from Cairo university , faculty of engineering ,architectural department, in 2003. She is assistant professor in the faculty of architectural engineering , Beirut Arab university Tripoli branch .


2015-2016 Courses

  • Architectural Design - III ARCH 331 – FALL
  • Building construction I ARCH 273 – FALL
  • History of Architecture 2 ARCH 295 – FALL
  • Theory of Architecture 2 ARCH 296 – spring 2015-2016
  • Building construction 2 ARCH 274 – spring
  • Architectural Design - IV ARCH 332– spring


  • “VISUALIZING MUSIC COMPOSITIONS IN ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPTUAL DESIGN” that was presented in RAE’2016, Rethinking Architectural Education: Towards a better practice.
  • مفردات التشكيل المعماري التراثي و اثره علي العمارة المعاصرة” that was presented in Le Patrimoine Dans les Ecrits Litteraires et Historiques