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Maggie Houshaimi

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Maggie Houshaimi

Assistant Professor

Following earning her doctorate degree, Dr. Maggie Houshaimi is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Beirut Arab University since August, 2021. During the past three years, she was a lecturer of Economics at Beirut Arab University. Her research areas weren’t limited to: Financial Economics, Systemic Risk, Labor Economics and Econometrics. Dr. Houshaimi built her career in the Lebanese banking sector as “Credit Relationship Officer” and “Documentary Credit Supervisor” for almost 10 years along with studying for her Master’s and PhD degrees in Economics and writing research papers.


Teaching Experience

Dr Houshaimi is able and teaches a variety of courses, including the courses she taught so far for the undergraduate-level, MBA, Master of Science in economics level are Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; Intermediate Microeconomics; Labor Economics; Economic Development; Managerial Economics; International Finance; Financial Institution and Capital Market; Economics of Risk and Uncertainty; microeconomics for global study; International Economics.



  • Houshaimi, M. (2020). Financial Structure and Economic Growth: An Empirical Study in the MENA Region. Management Studies and Economic Systems, 5(3/4 Summer), 137-151.
  • Houshaimi, Maggie J. (2021) "Financial Structure And Systemic Risk: Evidence From Selected Mena Region Countries," BAU Journal - Society, Culture and Human Behavior: Vol. 2 : Iss. 2 , Article 8.


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