Rachel Saad

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Rachel Saad

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Business Administration

01 300110 Ex: 2343


Rachel Saad

Assistant Professor

Ms. Rachel Saad successfully completed her coursework and comprehensive exams. She received her MSc in 2008 and BBA in International Business in 2006, both from Lebanese American University. She is Teaching Assistant in the Department of Business Administration at Beirut Arab University.


Teaching Experience

At BAU, Rachel Saad taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Entrepreneurship, Management Information System, Islamic Banking, International Marketing, Security Analysis, Fundamental of Risk Management, Organizational Analysis and Design, Human Resource Planning and Development, Business Ethics, Portfolio Management, Investments, Work Ready Now (undergraduate level), Introduction to business (MBA).


Member of the Quality Assurance unit at BAU since 2016.

Member of Fulbright Junior 2017