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Ahmed Abyad

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Ahmed Abyad

Assistant Professor of Dental Biomaterials & Operative and Esthetic Dentistry

Ahmed Abyad received his Bachelor degree in dental surgery with honors from BAU. He pursued his masters in sciences in the field of dental biomaterials from the University of Manchester. University counsel presented him with a distinction award for his academic excellence. He researched dental composite materials at the Manchester Dental Biomaterials research group under the supervision of Professor David Watts. He then pursued his PhD at Beirut Arab University supervised by Professor Essam Osman and Professor Hala Ragab. Dr Abyad is currently responsible for teaching 1st and 2nd year dental biomaterials in addition to 4th and 5th year Restorative Dentistry courses. He supervises undergraduate students in the dental biomaterials laboratory and clinical students in the restorative dentistry clinics.  He is currently directing the digital dentistry unit in the Center of Excellence where students perform different digital procedures from scanning to designing.

He is a member of the continuing education committee in the Lebanese Dental Association and a colloquium committee member responsible for examining foreign dentists planning to start a practice in Lebanon.


Restorative Dentistry

OPER 422: Operative Dentistry III (Undergraduate core course: Managing esthetic defects, minimal invasive dentistry, dental photography and smile design)

OPER 621: Operative and Esthetic Dentistry I ( Postgraduate core course: Treatment planning, minimal invasive dentistry, dental caries updates, non-carious lesions, management of deep carious lesions, management of tooth discolouration, esthetic materials update, tooth preparations for adhesive restorations)

OPER 622: Operative and Esthetic Dentistry II (Postgraduate core course: Principles of color, color mapping and measurement, principles of tooth form, wax ups and mock ups, applied occlusion in restorative dentistry, periodontal considerations in operative and esthetic dentistry, management of special need patients. 

Dental Biomaterials

BIOM 221: Principles of Dental Biomaterials ( Undergraduate core course: Physical properties, adhesion, optical and thermal properties, mechanical properties, mechanical testing, major features of a stress-strain curve, surface hardness, toughness, features of brittle materials, phase diagrams, dental polymers, dental ceramics.

BIOM 224: Applied Dental Biomaterials I (Undergraduate core course: Restorative dental materials, composite, adhesives, amalgam, cements, ceramics, denture base materials, metals)

BIOM 225: Applied Dental Biomaterials II (Undergraduate core course: Auxiliary dental materials, impression materials, investment materials and gypsum products, wax and laboratory processes)

BIOM 602: Dental Biomaterials (Postgraduate core course: Stress and strain, dental material testing, and specimen preparation, advanced knowledge in metals, ceramics, polymers and composites.

Digital Dentistry:

DENT 517: Digital Dentistry (Faculty elective course: Intra oral scanners, CAD CAM materials, milling machines, firing ovens, CAD design software)

OPER 614: Operative technology (Postgraduate core course: Operative Diagnostic instruments, Diagnodent, Intraoral Scanners, CAD CAM materials, CAD design and smile design.)


PHBS 610: Scientific Writing (Postgraduate core course: Basic research metrics, research protocol writing, referencing, article organization, key principles of effective writing, cutting clutter.

Coureses and workshops

Teaching threshold concepts and recognizing cognitive overload: Evaluating academic practice on our taught programs Beirut Arab University in collaboration with the University of Roehampton Beirut-Lebanon.

MEA Experts Meeting. Style Italiano Campus Ancona - Italy.

Esthetic Realization from A to Z. University Antonin Course by Eric Berger. Beirut - Lebanon.

Critical Thinking Workshop. Beirut Arab University in Collaboration with University of Roehampton Beirut - Lebanon

Teaching and Learning: Curriculum Design, Assessment and Feedback. Beirut Arab University in collaboration with University of Roehampton Beirut - Lebanon.

Materials Technology Workshop Beirut Arab University – Lebanon.

Pre-congress course Beirut International Dental Meeting Professional Simile Design, Going Digital Beirut – Lebanon.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) & First Aid Training in collaboration with United Nation Development Program (UNDP) Medical Sector - Beirut Arab University.



CNRS-L Scholarship. (National Council for Scientific Research) (2016-2019)

Distinction Award (University of Manchester) (2016)

Local and International Presentations



Simplifying Dental Adhesion: How to Bond Anything, to Anything.

9th North International Dental Congress. Tripoli, Lebanon.(2022)


“Air Particle Abrasion”

Jbeil Dental League in collaboration with Lebanese Dental Association. Jbeil- Lebanon. (2022)


“Bonding to Air Abraded Dentine”

IDRP Workshop, Beirut. Lebanon. (2019)


“PSD Smile Design”

International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry, Istanbul-Turkey. (2018)


“The 3-minute Smile design”

International Association of Dental Students Webinar. (2017)


"Bonding to Ceramics"

International Association of Dental Students Meeting ,Beirut-Lebanon (2016)


"Materials Science and Dental Biomaterials: Scopes for Collaboration"

Faculty of Science, BAU, Beirut-Lebanon. (2016)


"Bonding Zirconia Veneers, Establishing a Reliable Surface Treatment Protocol".

Beirut International Dental Meeting. Beirut-Lebanon. (2016)


-Abdulal G, Osman A, Abyad A. Evaluation of Facial Soft-Tissue Morphology among Different Vertical Skeletal Profile. European Scientific Journal. 2022;18 (11), 117-34

-Abyad A, Jarrah Z, Hallak A, Ragab H, Osman E. Resin gingival barrier as a polymerizable try-in paste for dynamic try-In of crowns and veneers. European Journal of Dentistry. 2020; 14(02):327-30.

-Abyad A. degrees rotated maxillary lateral incisor a case report. Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy. 2018; 2;9(9).

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-Abyad A, Zhao Y, Chen X, Watts DC. Novel glassflake resin composites. Dental Materials. 2016;1(32):e51-2. 2016;1(32):e51-2.