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Lucette Segaan

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Lucette Segaan

Professor of Prosthodontics

Lucette Segaan received her Bachelor degree in dental surgery with Honor in 1970 from Alexandria University, Egypt. She pursued Higher Degree Diploma in removable and maxillofacial prosthodontics from the same University (1973), Certificate in fixed and removable prosthodontics in the faculty of dentistry, University of Pittsburgh, Pitt. Pennsylvania, USA. She completed her studies in Prosthodontics and obtained a Master in Dental Science in prosthodontics equivalent to a doctor degree in Prosthodontics (1978) from the University of Pittsburgh, Pitt. Pennsylvania, USA. She worked as a professor in the department of Oral Rehabilitation Sciences, Beirut Arab University from 2004-till now.

Professor Segaan is the Post Graduate coordinator in Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University. She has been a member of the Dental Specialisation committee Approval in the Ministry of Health, Beirut, Lebanon (2008-2015), currently she is the chairperson of the department of Oral Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University.


Teaching Experience

Throughout the working experience and teaching as instructor of Prosthodontics (1970-1974), assistant lecturer (1974-1975), teaching assistant and clinical demonstrator faculty of dentistry university of Pittsburgh, Pitt, Pensylvania (1975-1978), Assistant professor (1978-1984) at Alexandria University then as Associate professor department of prosthodontics ,faculty of dentistry, Alexandria University (1984-1990) and as a Professor in the same university (1990-2004).

Professor and chairperson of Prosthodontics department. Faculty of dentistry, Beirut Arab University (2004-2011), then Chairperson in the department of Oral Rehabilitation sciences, faculty of dentistry, Beirut Arab University (2011 until present).

Teaching undergraduate, postgraduate students as well as advanced general dentistry program in the field of prosthodontics including removable prosthodontics, implant supported prosthesis and occlusion.

Research Interest

The research interest are: Implant support over denture, Implant CAD/CAM surgical stents, Impression and denture base disinfection.


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