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Electrical & Computer Enigneering

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Chadi Nouhra

Associate Professor

Chadi Nohra received his Ph.D. in Automation & Control in 2009 from Paul Cezanne University Aix Marseille III - France, He obtained his MS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1997 from the Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering Branch I Tripoli campus. He joined the Department of Electrical Engineering, Beirut Arab University, as Assistant professor in 2012, He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer engineering at Beirut Arab University. His current research interests include electrical machines control and diagnostics, diesel engine modeling & diagnostics, renewable energy,electric vehicles.


  • Electric Machine I& II, Special Machines, Electric Machine and Drives,  Solid State Drives
  • High Voltage, Protection I& II, Electric Power I&II, Power system Analysis, 
  • Advanced Power Electronics,
  • Electrical Design in Commercial and Industrial Buildings.
  • Power System Generation, Wind Energy systems, Power system Security and reliability
  • Electric Vehicles, 
  • Non Linear control systems


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" Complete modeling for systems of marine diesel engine ", " Journal of Marine Science and Application " March 2015 .

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“Progress in Energy Generation for Canadian Remote Sites”, TMREES, 2016,”Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability”.

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Training Courses prepared and taught at the order of Engineers :

Electrical Installation, Wiring, synchronizing panel board, Lightning & Earthing, Lighting , Ecodial, back-up power supply and photovoltaic system, Motors for building, PLC, ETAP.


Wiring and Electrical Installation(30 Hours)

This training Course teaches learners how to design electrical maps for residential, commercial and industrial projects. A detailed study of all earthing schemes used in different applications: Hospitals, Airports, Data Center, Industrial, Residential... Different techniques used for Discrimination and Cascading will be discussed as well as all characteristics of different cicuit breakers and trip units. This course introduces the learners to short circuit and voltage drop calculation for cable sizing and protection. Different international standards, NFC, IEC, NEC, BS... , for load estimation and calculation, Demand factor, lighting and socket distributoon, will be discussed. Harmonic problems will be treated in details: origin and effects, measurment and filtering methods. Different projects: Villa, Offices, Banks,... will be disgned: Panel boards, Riser, Lighting Branches, Sockets Branches, Pump Room, Transformer room, ...

Learning Outcomes And Skills:

At the end of this training, Learners will be able to:

Select and implement an appropriate earthing scheme for different projects encountered in real life.

Size and protect different cables: Phase, Neutral, PE protectrion cable.

Get familiar with different types of cicuit breakers and trip units.

Choose appropriate cicuit breakers and regulate Trip Units to satisfy Protection and Discrimination.

Get familiar with different international standard: NFC, IEC, NEC, BS... for load estimation and calculation, demand factor, lighting and sockets distribution...

Design electrical maps for different projects.

Synchronizing Panel Board(20 Hours)

This training teahes Learners how to design and implement a control panel board to control, protect and monitor a Diesel-Generator set operating alone as well as a Synchronized se. A detailed description of all parameters used when programming a "Deep Sea" synchronizing and load sharing module will be presented. Differen techniques used for KW and KVAR sharing : Droop, Isochronous, Cross Current Compensation... will be discussed as well as all problems encountered when synchronizing different diesel and generator sizes. Moreover, it introduces themk to all faults and symptoms encountered in the field, different earthing and ATS scheme used. A training certificate will be delivered by Beirut Arab University at the end of the training.

Learning Outcomes and Skills:

At the end of this training Learners will be able to:

Design and implement an Automatic Control Panel Board for Diesel - Generator set.

Design and implement a Synchronizing Panel Board.

Regulate Governor, AVR...

Program and regulate the "Deep Sea" synchronizing and load sharing module.

Get accustomed different earthing scheme and ATS used.

Lightning and Earthing(20 Hours)

Characteristics of lightning current,lightning protection system,rolling sphere method,mesh method,protective angle method,down conductor system,foundation earth electrodes,ring earth electrodes, earth rods,step and touch voltsge,internal lightning protection , surge protective devices.

Motors for Building and Manufacturers(15 hours)

Asynchronous, synchronous, universal, DC, stepper, protective scheme for motors, wiring, scheme for starting asynchronous motors, soft starter, v/f nverter, flux vector control, pump room and motor cable sizing, fire pump.

Back-up power supply(15 Hours)

Different types of UPS,Benefits and limitations,UPS sizing,parallel redundant ups arrangement,isolation in ups systems,different earthing scheme for transformer and transformerless ups,role of isolation transformer in data center ups system,critical loads,common mode noise,battery:selection,sizing..



At the end of this part participants will learn how to use Ecodial software to design power riser that meets international standard (IEC) in cable/bus bar protection, load and source protection and discrimination. Learners will:

Be able to exchange files between Autocad and Ecodial.

Be familiar with all tyeps of Schneider circuit breakers and trip units as well as corresponding parameters and characteristics. Ultimate braking capacity, making capacity, service capacity...

Be acquainted with all parameters encountered in Ecodial and be able to select appropriate values reflecting the condition of your project. (transformers types, insulation types, discrimination, cascading, earthing system, total harmonics distortion, short circuit currents, voltage drop, earth resistance, touching voltage, installation methods, short circuits power, soil thermal resistivity...)

Be familiar with manual selection of circuit breakers, trip units and parameters tuning in order to provide protection and discrimination when automatic calculation fails.

Dialux(15 Hours)

At the end of this part participants will learn how to use Dialux program to design lighting schemes to meet international standards, they will improve their understanding of lighting technologies, energy efficiency, color rendering and dealing with glare and discomfort, they will consider emergency loghting as well as outdoor lighting requirements. Participiants will:

Be able to import/export Autocad/Dialux files to Dialux/Autocad.

Be familiar with basic and advanced Lighting terminologies and different types of lamps.

Design lighting scenes using Dialux according to lighting standards.

Indetntiy output reports.

PLC-Programmable logic controller(30 Hours)

LADDER, GRAFCET, Applications, PLC networking…

ETAP software : HIGH voltage design(50 Hours)

Load flow, Short cicuit, Stability,arc flash, protection….