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Hassan Ghanem

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Hassan Ghanem

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hassan Ghanem is currently working as a full-time Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, Beirut Arab University (BAU), Tripoli since August 2013. He started his academic career at Hariri Canadian University in 2010 where he participated in the development of the civil engineering master program. He received his Ph.D. and MSc. degrees in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, USA and Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA in 2009 and 2004, respectively. He finished his undergraduate studies at BAU in 1999.


Previous courses

2015-16 courses

  • CVLE 311: Structural Analysis I
    • Stability and determinacy of structures. Elastic deformation (slope and deflection) of beams by double-integration method; Moment-area theorems; and Conjugate Beam Method. Strain energy theorems – Slopes and deflection of beams, frames and trusses utilizing principle of virtual work. Introduction to indeterminate structures: Compatibility conditions and analysis of indeterminate structures by consistent deformation method.

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  • CVLE 423: Steel Design I
    • Introduction to steel structures. Structural floor framing systems. Bracing systems. Tension members. Compression members. Bolted and welded truss connections. Laterally supported beams. Lateral torsion buckling of beams. Detailing.

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  • CVLE 312: Structural Analysis II
    • Flexibility method for analysis of indeterminate structures (Beams. Trusses and frames) utilizing concept of Virtual Work. Matrix analysis of structures. Effect of temperature change and yielding of supports. Three Moment Equations and applications. Slope-deflection method for analysis of beams and rigid frames. Concept of Moment distribution methods and applications on continuous beams, and frames with and without side-sway. Influence lines of indeterminate structure - Qualitative influence lines. Computer applications.

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  • CVLE 322: Concrete Design I
    • Introduction working stress and limit state methods of design. Sections subjected to :normal force, bending moment, and shear, eccentric force, torsion, bond development and anchorage, code requirements, detailing, applications: columns and beams

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  • CVLE 424: Steel Design II
    • Beam-Column Members -Built-up Columns - Eccentrically Loaded Connections – High Tensile Bolts - Frame Connections – Column Bases - Simply Supported Slab-Girder Roadway Bridges - Built-up Plate Girders. Specifications & Detailing
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  • Ghanem, H.A., Obeid, Y., (2015) “The effects of steel fibers on the rheological and mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete” European Scientific Journal, Vol. 11, No. 21, p 85-98.
  • Ghanem, H.A., Zollinger, D., Lytton, L., and Ghanem, N., (2013) “Determining aggregate reactivity in various alkaline solutions” ICE, Construction Materials Journals, Vol 167, No. 3, p 151-161.
  • Ghanem, H.A., Zollinger, D., Lytton, L., and Ghanem, N., (2012) “Determining ASR Characteristics using Dilatometer Method” Journal of Construction and Buildings Materials, Vol. 36, No. 11, p 1008-1015.
  • Ghanem, H.A., Zollinger, D., Lytton, L., and Ghanem, N., (2012) “Development of a Reaction Signature for Combined Concrete Materials” Journal of Construction and Buildings Materials, Vol. 35, No. 10, p 923-930.
  • Ghanem, H.A., Zollinger, D and Lytton, L., (2010) “Predicting ASR Aggregate Reactivity in Terms of its Activation Energy” Journal of Construction and Buildings Materials, Vol. 24, No. 7, p 1101-1108.
  • Ghanem, H.A., Zollinger, D and Lytton, L., (2010) “Determination of the Main Parameters of Alkali Silica Reaction using System Identification Method” ASCE, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Vol. 22, No. 9, p 865-873.
  • Ghanem, H.A., Phelan, S., Senadheera, S and Pruski, K., (2008) “Chloride Ion Transport in Bridge Deck Concrete under Different Curing Durations”, ASCE, Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol. 13, No.3, p 218-225.
  • Daou Y.A and Ghanem H.A, (2003) “Study of the Minimum Shear Reinforcement in High Strength Concrete Beams”, Alexandria Engineering Journal, Vol. 42, No.5, p 601-611.


  • Member of the ABET self-study report
  • Member of the Quality Assurance Committee
  • Member of the web site committee
  • Head of the library committee
  • Member of the engineering day committee


  • "Who’s Who in America", 64th Edition, Marquis Who'sWho® - 2010
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award -Texas A&M University - 2009
  • Graduate Program Enhancement Scholarship - Texas A&M University – 2009
  • CEMEX Travel Grant, TX - 2008
  • Graduate Teaching Academy Fellow - Texas A&M University – 2007
  • Chi Epsilon Honor Society - 2006
  • AUF CVEN graduate scholarship - Texas A&M University - 2005
  • Competitive scholarship - Texas Tech University - 2003
  • MSc thesis funded by the Lebanese Research Council (2000 - 2001)