Rouba Joumblat

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Rouba Joumblat

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Rouba Joumblat

Assistant Professor

Rouba Joumblat serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Beirut Arab University. Her primary research focus lies in enhancing the sustainability of asphalt pavement, spanning from the nano-scale to full-size scale, by incorporating specific alternative materials. Throughout her Ph.D. journey, she delved into various research areas, disseminating her findings in reputable engineering journals. Her extensive field of research encompasses sustainable and advanced materials characterization, pavement design, asphalt binder and mixture characterization, modeling asphalt fatigue and rutting behaviors, as well as laboratory performance testing for asphalt binders and mixtures. Additionally, she specializes in pavement performance prediction.

She actively participated in numerous international workshops and received a research mobility opportunity to pursue her Ph.D. studies at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Currently, she serves as the RILEM (Réunion Internationale des Laboratoires et Experts des Matériaux, systèmes de construction et ouvrage) youth council representative for the MENA region. Additionally, she contributes to the scholarly community as a peer-reviewer for international indexed journals.