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Ahmad El Melhat

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Ahmad El Melhat

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ahmad ElMelhat successfully completed his PHD degree  in physical therapy for musculoskeletal disorders and its surgeries from Cairo university (Egypt) in 2019. He received his MSc in 2015 and Bachelor of Physical Therapy (BSc)  in 2009, both from Cairo university. He is an Assistant professor in  Physical Therapy Department of Beirut Arab University.

His academic training and 11 years of experience working in academic teaching and research prepare me to be an effective researcher and instructor in physical therapy department. In addition, he had practiced physiotherapy for 13 years and dedicated to improving lives through this exciting field. During this time, he  taught a wide variety of physical therapy courses, mainly musculoskeletal management, sport injuries and manual therapy for under and post graduate students. These experiences have built  confidence and an interest in teaching and he look forward to the opportunity to not only teach existing courses, but also work to develop new ones.

He taught various undergraduate and post graduate classes, published two textbooks and several research papers in peerrefereed international academic journals. 


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Fall Courses
PHTH 315 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II (3 Crs)
PHTH 335 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Practice I (3 Crs)
PHTH 325 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Lab (1 Cr)
DPT 612 Evidence Based Seminar II(3Crs)

Spring Courses
PHTH 214 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I (3 Crs)
PHTH 336 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Practice I (3 Crs)
PHTH 436 Research Project
DPT 637 Advanced Topics in physical therapy (3 Crs)


  • Certified Orthopedic Manual therapist, UK.

  • APTA member.

  • Associate Member of International Headache Society(HIS).

  • Main Speaker in advanced courses for post graduated physical therapists organized by continuing and professional education center (CCPE) in BAU, CU.

  •  Head of Student Activities committee of the faculty of Health sciences, Beirut Arab University.

  • Speaker at 4th International Physical Therapy Conference Under the Title of: " No more Disability with Pt & Rehabilitation " at Heliopolis Cairo, the lecture was on: Biomechanical Strategies for Knee Osteoarthritis., Dec. 2022.

  • Speaker at International Webinar with title: Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for management of knee osteoarthritis, that organized by Scientific Committee -Department of physiotherapy, college of health sciences, Gulf Medical University, Sep 2022.

  • Speaker at 1st international conference on sports injuries and nutrition, 5-6 March 2020 ..Cairo Egypt..

  • Speaker at 1st annual symposium for muscloskeletal physical therapy, 8. February 2020.Cairo Egypt.."Advances in muscloskeletal rehabilitation".

  • Speaker at 2nd conference of physical therapy south vally university , 12-14 February 2020 ..Qena& Luxor..

  • Speaker at 2nd International Conference for scientific research and its practical applications in physical therapy, Cairo University : 28th Nov 2019.

  • Speaker at 1st scientific conference of physical therapy, 12-13 December 2019 ..Cairo Egypt. ."No more disability with rehabilitation..

  • Speaker at orthopedic physical therapy scientific conference 3- May 2018 ..Cairo Egypt.. "Rehabilitation Post ACL Reconstraction …What are the challenges "..

  • Speaker at "Yoga and physical therapy " 16-17 october 2017 ,Chicago ,USA

  • Speaker at orthopedic physical therapy scientific conference December 2017 ..Cairo Egypt.."How to read MRI of shoulder joint in simple way"..

  • Speaker at orthopedic physical therapy scientific conference 3- December 2017 ..Cairo Egypt.. "Evidence based clinical practice guidelines for management of knee osteoarthritis ". Workshops and Courses:(as Speaker) 

  • Evidence based orthopaedic manual therapy " work shop …May 2017 For physical therapists at ministry of health.

  • New Era in physiotherapy for sports injuries and EMG " work shop …May 2017 For physical therapists at ministry of health .



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  •  Ahmed Elmelhat, Lillian albert, Ghada koura. Association of quadriceps torque with lower extremity dysfunction in women with early degrees of knee osteoarthritis: Current Research Integrative Medicine, 2017(1); 42.