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Diana Khanji

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Physical Therapy

01 300110 Ex: 2612


Diana Khanji


I graduated in 2006 with a Physical Therapy Bachelor degree with distinction from the Lebanese University- Faculty of Public Health. I practiced clinical Physical Therapy for two years, to join BAU- Faculty of Health Sciences- Physical Therapy Department in 2009 as a Laboratory manager, Clinical instructor  and Central coordinator of clinical training. In 2016, I completed my postgraduate studies to graduate as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Since 2022 I am a Lecturer at the Physical Therapy Department.


Major core courses of BSc in physical therapy programme

Previously taught courses

  • Assessment in PT Lab (1 Cr.)


Fall Courses 2022/2023

  • Neuromuscular PT II (3 Crs.)
  • Neuromuscular PT II Lab (1 Cr.)
  • Neuromuscular PT Practice I (3 Cr.)

Spring Courses 2022/2023

  • Intervention PT I Lab (1 Cr.)
  • Neuromuscular PT I (3 Crs.)
  • Neuromuscular PT I Lab (1 Cr.)
  • Neuromuscular PT Practice II (3 Cr.)


I collaborated and assisted several workshops concerning Medical Taping and Dry Needling in Physical Therapy at BAU.