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Mohamad Issa

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Pharmacy Practice Department

Google Scholar Citations: 878

01 300110 Ex: 2415


Mohamad Issa

Head of Pharmacy Practice Department

Mohamed Issa, PhD (Uppsala, Sweden)

Associate Professor, Head of Pharmacy Practice Department (PPD)

Faculty of Pharmacy, Beirut Arab University (BAU)

Beirut, Lebanon


Dr Issa graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University with Distinction in 1996. Based on academic excellence, he was granted a PhD scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. Dr Issa got his PhD from Uppsala University, Sweden, and his thesis focused on the use of natural polymers for non-viral gene delivery of nucleic acids. At the end of his PhD study, Dr Issa was awarded the prize of best thesis research in the field of biotechnology at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) conference in San Antonio, Texas, USA. He has published several original research articles that attracted more than 878 citations (Google scholar citations 2022). 

In 2009. Dr Issa joined the faculty of Pharmacy at Beirut Arab University (BAU), where he has been developing and teaching professional and graduate courses at the department of Pharmaceutics. A pharmacist by training, In response to the international accreditation standards, Dr Issa and Dr Lama Soubra were assigned to establish the department of pharmacy practice at the faculty in 2012. His work with the pharmacy practice department significantly contributed to the faculty endaveours to achieve international accreditation of the faculty’s professional program granted by the Canadian Council for accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) in December 2017. In September 2022, Dr Issa was promoted as an associate professor and head of the pharmacy practice department at the faculty of pharmacy in BAU.

Dr Issa has given many lectures with the Lebanese Order of Pharmacists. He has also been actively involved in designing and presenting lectures, workshops and courses specially tailored for the reform of pharmacy education and for the enhancement of the communication skills and professional standards of pharmacists in Lebanon and in Egypt. 


Fall 2022-2023

PHAR 271    Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms I (Liquid dosage forms and pharmaceutical calculations)

PHAR 275    Pharmacy Practice I (Ethics and Professional standards of practice)

PHAR 465    Pharmacy Practice V (Patient safety)

PHGC 703    Critical Thinking

Other Courses

PHAR 011     Introduction to Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (ICP)

PHAR 255     Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice

PHAR 264     Orientation to Pharmacy Practice

PHAR 475     Pharmacy Practice VI (Selfcare and prescribing for minor ailments)


Research Interests

I am interested in examining the pharmacists’ practices and behaviours in offering professional services to patients. I am also interested in investigating self-care related behaviours of the Lebanese community. This research may provide a direct input to our continuous process of curriculum development in BAU. 

Since I came from a “Pharmaceutics” background, I am also interested in applying simple and practical strategies for the control of drug release from solid dosage forms.


The AAPS Graduate Award for outstanding thesis research in the field of biotechnology. The award was delivered at the AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Annual Meeting and Exposition, October 29- November 2, 2006, San Antonio, Texas, USA.


Invited speaker at


AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, October 29- November 2, 2006, San Antonio, Texas, USA. “From high molecular weight conventional chitosans to targeted chitosan oligomers: A journey towards efficient DNA delivery”. *The AAPS Graduate Award for outstanding thesis research in the field of biotechnology was delivered to the candidate during this event.

Lebanese Order of Pharmacists (OPL) 22nd annual congress 24-26 October 2014, Hilton Habtour, Beirut, Lebanon. “Stability of pharmaceutical products: Role of the pharmacist”

Lebanese Order of Pharmacists (OPL) 23nd annual congress 16-18 October 2015, BIEL, Beirut, Lebanon. “Leadership skills: Can you lead your success?”

First Forum on Advancing Pharmacy Education in the GCC and Middle-East, “Active learning strategies” 6-8 December 2015, college of Pharmacy, Qatar.

Arab Pharmacist Union (APU) Congress, BAU, June 6, 2015, Beirut, Lebanon. “Medication errors in pharmacy practice: A brief overview”

Second Forum on Advancing Pharmacy Education in the GCC and Middle-East, “Team teaching in integrated courses” 8-11 February 2017, Kuwait.

Third Forum on Advancing Pharmacy Education in the GCC and Middle-East, “Assessment in pharmacy education” 8-9 May 2018, BAU, Beirut, Lebanon. * The forum was organized and coordinated by Dr Issa.

Education and student affairs deanship, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University. A workshop entitled “Assessment: The real driver for competency-based Pharmacy education” was delivered as part of the Pharmacy curriculum reform process. July 18, 2018, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria, Egypt.

Lebanese Order of Pharmacists (OPL) 26th annual congress 16-18 November 2018, Hilton Habtour, Beirut, Lebanon. “Motivational Interviewing: Helping patients change”.

Spring seminar series of the College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences at Manchester University, Indiana, USA. March 6, 2019. “Gene therapy: A promise not yet fulfilled!”

International Pharmacy Student Federation (IPSF) event on patient counselling. A webinar-based workshop entitled “Patient counselling: It is more than talking!” December 14, 2021.


Selected Workshops

Effective presentation skills for staff members: Please make your audience happy!

Understanding and managing different behavioral styles: Towards the lost gift of teamwork.

Learning styles: Do we learn the same way?

The power of assertive behavior: It is all about respect!

Emotional intelligence: Are we ready to succeed together?

Leadership skills: Understanding leadership: Can you lead your success?

Conflict management: From a curse into a bless!

Motivational interviewing: Helping people (patients) change

Adding fun to active learning: A win-win situation.

Assessment in competency-based pharmacy education.