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Rania Itani

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Pharmacy Practice Department

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Rania Itani

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Rania Itani is a clinical assistant professor in infectious diseases at the Faculty of Pharmacy, at Beirut Arab University (BAU). She has nine years of university teaching experience in different Pharmacy Practice Courses. Dr. Itani has actively contributed to the development, design, and delivery of several didactic and experiential clinical courses in the pharmacy practice department. She is the coordinator of the experiential courses, where senior pharmacy students are supposed to train in different affiliated hospitals. She is a member in the university scietific research committe, and a member in the scientific committee at the Lebanese Order of Pharmacists (OPL).

She has participated in the delivery of professional development workshops and implementing objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE). In addition, she contributed to organizing and conducting various public health activities and professional development workshops. Dr. Itani's research interests focus on global epidemiological studies. She has more than 26 publications, 620 citations, and several international and regional research papers assessing the current clinical practice and health needs ‎in the Middle Eastern Arab countries. She has been leading several multinational studies aiming to assess the ‎Middle Eastern population’s perceptions towards the health authorities’ responses in handling the ‎pandemic, in collaboration with researchers in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Emirates, Kuwait, and ‎Bahrain‎. She established a network with highly-esteemed academic researchers from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, aiming to conduct regional studies to assess patient care practices.


Pharmacotherapeutics III (Infectious Diseases) [PHAR 473] - Course Coordinator

Pharmacy Practice Experience V [PHAR 577] - Course Coordinator & Clinical Preceptor at the Central Military Hospital

Pharmacy Practice Experience VI [PHAR 578] - Course Coordinator

Pharmacy Practice I [PHAR 275] (Ethics in Pharmacy Practice, Health Care System and Professional ‎Communication Skills essential for Patient Care) ‎

Pharmacy Practice Experience III [PHAR 380] - Course Coordinator

Inter-professional Education (IPE) - Facilitator

Integrated Case-based Learning III [PHAR 444] (Endocrinology & Infectious Diseases) – Course ‎Coordinator

Professional Pharmacy Practice III [PHAR 514] – Makassed General Hospital 

Professional Pharmacy Practice II [PHAR 519] - Rafic Hariri University Hospital (RHUH)‎

Professional Pharmacy Practice I [PHAR 416] – Makassed General Hospital 

Integrated Case-based Learning I [PHAR 343] (Introduction to Patient Care) ‎

Pharmacy Practice II [PHAR 337] (Drug Information & Literature Evaluation) ‎

Research Grants

Awarded Research Grants

Won a research grant which was selected out of 73 submitted proposals to the “Action Liban”. The “Action Liban” project call was launched by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research ‎and innovation (MESRI), the National Research Agency (ANR), the French Agency for ‎development (AFD), and the National Council for Scientific Research of Lebanon (CNRS-L). ‎

The granted project led by the Faculty of Pharmacy entitled "MIRABEL” (Mental disorders, suicidal Ideation, substance abuse and ‎emigRAtion choices in ‎vulneraBlE populations in Lebanon during the covid-19 ‎pandemic and economic crisis)‎. This project is conducted in collaboration with researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH-USA) and the Research Director of Institut de Rescherche et Documentation en Economie de la Sante (IRDES-France).

Research Papers

Mukattash, T. L., Khairallah, K., Daradkeh, H., Jarab, A. S., Abu-Farha, ‎R., Nusair, M., Karout, S., & Itani, R. (2023). A qualitative ‎exploration of children’s willingness to take the COVID-19 vaccine ‎in Jordan. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 1–6.‎

Abu-farha, R., Alzoubi, K. H., Mukattash, T., Karout, S., Itani, R., ‎Nassar, R. I., & Barakat, M. (2023). Public perceptions about home ‎delivery of medications service in Lebanon : A cross-sectional survey. ‎Electronic Journal of General Medicine, 20(1), em430-37. ‎

NIHR Global Health Unit on Global Surgery, & COVIDSurg ‎Collaborative. (2022). Articles Elective surgery system strengthening : ‎development , measurement , and validation of the surgical ‎preparedness index across 1632 hospitals in 119 countries. The ‎Lancet, 400, 1607–1617.

Abu-Farha R, Alzoubi K, Alkhawaldeh‎ R, Itani R, Karout S, ‎Mukattash TL, et al. Home Delivery of ‎Medications: Community ‎Pharmacists’ Perspectives on the Pros and Cons of the Service. Front ‎‎Public Heal. 2022;10:966145. ‎

Abu-Farha R, Alzoubi K, Rizik M, Karout S, Itani R, Mukattash TL, ‎et al. Public ‎Perceptions about Home Delivery of Medication Service ‎and Factors Associated with the ‎Utilization of this Service in Jordan. ‎Patient Prefer Adherence. 2022;16:2259—2269. ‎

Itani N, Domiati S, Karout S, M J Khojah H, Awad R, Itani R*. ‎Upscaling the pharmacy profession: ‎Knowledge and willingness of ‎the Lebanese pharmacists to practice the administration of ‎dermal ‎fillers. Saudi Pharm J [Internet]. 2022;[In Press]:1–9.‎

Mukattash TL, Jarab AS, Abu-Farha RK, Itani R, Karout S, Mansour ‎RZ, et al. The effect of the ‎emerging omicron variant on the ‎willingness to take or continue with COVID-19 vaccination in ‎the ‎Middle East. J Appl Pharm Sci. 2022;[In Press]:001–6. ‎

Aldabagh A, Abu Farha R, Karout S, Itani R, Abu Hammour K, ‎Alefishat E. Evaluation of Drug Use ‎Pattern in Pediatric Outpatient ‎Clinics in a Tertiary  Teaching Hospital Using WHO Drug-‎Prescribing ‎Indicators. J Multidiscip Healthc. 2022;15:1143–51.‎

Itani, R., Karout, S., Khojah, H. M. J., Rabah, M., Kassab, M. B., ‎Welty, F. K., AlBaghdadi, M., Khraishah, ‎H., El-Dahiyat, F., ‎Alzayani, S., Khader, Y. S., Alyahya, M. S., Alsane, D., Rana, A.-F., ‎Mukattash, T. L., ‎Soukarieh, T., Fawzi Awad, M., Awad, R., Wehbi, ‎A., Karout, L. (2022). Diverging levels of COVID‑19 ‎governmental ‎response satisfaction across middle eastern Arab countries: a ‎multinational study. BMC ‎Public Health, 22(1), 893.‎

Karout, S., Khojah, H. M. J., Itani, R*., Jaffal, F., & El-Lakany, A. ‎‎‎(2022). Assessing the pharmaceutical care provision to suspected ‎‎COVID-19 patients in community pharmacies: a simulated patient ‎‎study. BMC Health Services Research, 22(1), 467. ‎

Itani, R*., Soubra, L., Karout, S., Rahme, D., Karout, L., & Khojah, ‎H. ‎M. J. (2022). Primary Dysmenorrhea: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, ‎‎and Treatment Updates. Korean J Fam Med, 43(2), 101–108. ‎

Karout, S., Khojah, H. M. J., Karout, L., & Itani, R*. (2022). A ‎‎nationwide assessment of community pharmacists ’ attitudes towards ‎‎dispensing errors : A cross-sectional study. Journal of Taibah ‎‎University Medical Sciences, 17(5), 889-896.‎

Mukattash, T. L., Alkhalidy, H., Alzu’bi, B., Abu-Farha, R., Itani, ‎R., ‎Karout, S., Khojah, H. M. J., Khdour, M., El-Dahiyat, F., & Jarab, ‎A. ‎‎(2022). Dietary supplements intake during the second wave of ‎‎COVID-19 pandemic: A multinational Middle Eastern study. ‎‎European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 49, 102102.‎

Karout, S., Soubra, L., Rahme, D., Karout, L., Khojah, H. M. J., & ‎Itani, ‎R*. (2021). Prevalence, risk factors, and management practices ‎of ‎primary dysmenorrhea among  young females. BMC Women’s ‎Health, ‎‎21(1), 392.  ‎

Itani, R., Khojah, H. M. J., Jaffal, F., Rahme, D., Karout, L., & ‎Karout, ‎S. (2021). Provision of pharmaceutical care to suspected high-‎risk ‎COVID-19 patients through telehealth: a nationwide simulated ‎‎patient study. BMC Health Services Research, 21(1), 997. ‎

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Mukattash, T. L., Jarab, A. S., Al-Qerem, W., Abu Farha, R. K., ‎Itani, ‎R., Karout, S., Mukattash, I. L., & Basheti, I. (2021). COVID-‎‎19 ‎Patients’ Views and Experiences of Pharmaceutical Care ‎Services ‎in ‎Lebanon. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 30(1), 82–85.‎

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Abu-Farha, R., Mukattash, T., Itani, R., Karout, S., Khojah, H., Al-‎‎Mahmood, A., & Alzoubi, K. (2021). Willingness of Middle Eastern ‎‎Public to Receive COVID-19 Vaccines. Saudi Pharmaceutical ‎‎Journal, 29(7), 734–739.  ‎

Chowdhary, A., Nirwan, L., Abi-Ghanem, A. S., Arif, U., Lahori, S., ‎‎Kassab, M. B., Karout, S. O., Itani, R. M., Abdalla, R., Naffaa, L., & ‎‎Karout, L. (2021). Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum in Patients ‎‎Diagnosed with COVID-19: a Case Series with Review of Literature. ‎‎Academic Radiology, 28(11), 1586–1598. ‎

COVIDSurg Collaborative, & G. C. (2021). Timing of surgery ‎following ‎SARS-CoV-2 infection: an international prospective cohort ‎study. ‎Anaesthesia, 76(6), 748–758. ‎

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Gaba, F., Bizzarri, N., Kamfwa, P., Saiz, A., Blyuss, O., Paranjothy, ‎S., ‎& Go SOAR Team. (2021). Determining post- ­ operative ‎morbidity ‎and mortality following gynecological oncology surgery : ‎protocol for ‎a multicenter , international , prospective cohort study ( ‎Global ‎Gynaecological Oncology Surgical Outcomes Collaborative — ‎GO ‎SOAR ). International Journal of G, 31(9), 1287–1291. ‎


Thesis supervision:

  • Buthaina Alzu'bi (2021). Dietary supplements intake during the ‎second wave of ‎COVID-19 pandemic: A multinational Middle Eastern study.

  • Claudia Ayoub (2022). Children's Eating Habits and Lifestyle Patterns during COVID-19 Pandemic in Arab Countries.

  • Reem Awad & Lara Hammoud (2022). Incidence, Risk Factors, and Management Practices of Acinetobacter baumannii in a Lebanese Hospital

Thesis Examiner:

  • Hussein Jawad (2022). Identification of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions Among ‎Prescription Medications: A Lebanese Community Pharmacy-‎Based Study

Community Services

  • Community outreach:

    Optimize the medication therapy management for the inpatients in the affiliated hospitals: Provide medication therapy management services for inpatients in the internal medicine department in the affiliated hospital. These services aim to optimize the therapeutic management, prevent drug-therapy related problems; such as the prevention of irrational use of medications, drug-drug interactions, and the provision of cost-effective therapies.

  • Health Promotion and Public Awareness:

    Antimicrobials Awareness Campaign; World Pharmacists Day, Beirut Arab University. 2019: Designed the campaign activities, posters, and leaflets. Supervised participants to counsel the public about the impact of irrational use of antibiotics. This campaign aimed to raise awareness about antimicrobial resistance and collateral damage, to encourage best practices among the general public to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

    Diabetes Management; World Pharmacists Day at Beirut Arab University, 2017 and 2018: Designed the campaign activities, posters, and patient education tools. Mediated the communication with a pharmaceutical company to provide us with diabetes measurement kits for the event. This campaign aimed to screen the public for diabetes (especially the high-risk groups), review the patients’ medical profile, assess the appropriateness of their medications used to control DM II and their cardiovascular protective medications.

Delivered Conferences:   

  • ‎Itani, R. Antimicrobial Resistance & Antibiotics Use: the Spiral Effect Seminar.  Lebanese Pharmacy Students' Association (LPSA). Lebaon, November 21, 2022.
  • Itani, R.M. Optimizing Public Health through Social Engagement, BAU ‎Initiative; 5th IVPN Pharmacy Conference,  Cleveland Clinic Abu ‎Dhabi, November 16 2019. ‎
  • Itani, R.M. The Role of Lebanese Pharmacists in Managing Acute ‎Cystitis & Preventing Antibiotic Resistance; Lebanese Pharmacy ‎Students’ Association (LPSA) Webinar, Beirut, Lebanon. July 8 2018‎
  • Judge in the LPSA Symposium: Patient Care activities. Beirut, Bristol ‎Hotel– Aug 25, 2018 ‎

Conducted Radio Interview: 

  • COVID-19 Preventive Measures and Different Types of Face Masks, ‎Radio Liban, March 2019.
  • Hepatitis A: Symptoms, signs, risk factors, treatment, and prevention. Radio Liban, June 2022.

Conducted Events:    

  • Antimicrobials Awarness; World Pharmacists Day Beirut Arab ‎University. 2019‎
  • Diabetes Management; World Pharmacists Day at Beirut Arab ‎University 2017 and 2018‎

Developed Toolkits:
Preparation and designing of informative toolkits that were distributed in ‎the affiliated hospitals, aiming to provide practitionors with an up-to-date, ‎reliable & easy to use source of information about commonly encountered ‎medication therapies optimize their uses

  • ‎Lipid Lowering Drugs Toolkit - 2019‎
  • ‎Antibiotics Toolkit - 2019‎
  • Anticoagulants Toolkit - 2018‎
  • ‎VTE Prophylaxis Algorithm - 2018‎
  • Diabetes Management in Hospitalized Patients - 2019‎
  • ‎NSTEMI Algorithm -2019‎

Attended Conferences: ‎   

  • ‎IVPN Pearls Session for continuing pharmacy education; Cleveland ‎Clinic Abu Dhabi, accredited by the Accreditation Council for ‎Pharmacy Education. November 15, 2019.
  • The Road Map to Implementing Opiod Stewardship Program; ‎Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. November 15, 2019. ‎
  • The future of Pharmacy Practice.  Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. ‎November 15, 2019.‎
  • Pharmacy Academy on Multiple Sclerosis: BAU – Sep 6, 2019‎
  • Pharmacists and the Heart: Advancing Care for Patients with ‎Cardiovascular Disease: ACCP International Symposium – Nov 16, ‎‎2018