Souraya Domiati

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Souraya Domiati

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Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department

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Souraya Domiati

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, PharmD coordinator

Souraya Domiati received her Pharm D in 1999 from the Lebanese American University, her master degree in Pharmacology from Beirut Arab University in 2013 and her PhD degree from BAU in 2018. She has fifteen years of experience in community pharmacy working as manager and teaching years of experience in teaching clinical pharmacy and supervising students Clerkships in different Hospitals. She supervised more than 50 Pharm. D thesis. She attended more than 20 national and international conferences. She is now the Pharm D coordinator at Beirut Arab University.



Research Interest:

  • Souraya Domiati is interested in Clinical research as well as Preclinical animal studies on anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents.

Recent Publications:

  • Domiati S., Mehanna M., Ragab H., Nakkash-Chmaisse H., El Mallah A. (2018). Investigation of chronic efficacy and safety profile of two potential anti-inflammatory bipyrazole-based compounds in experimental animals. Journal of Inflammation Research, 11:143-153.
  • Souraya Domiati, Hala Sacre, Nathalie Lahoud, Georges Sili, Pascale Salameh. (2018). Knowledge of and readiness for medication therapy management among community pharmacists in Lebanon. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy,
  • Mehanna M., Domiati S., Ragab H., Nakkash-Chmaisse H., El Mallah A. (2018). Antinociceptive effect of Tadalafil in various pain models: Involvement of opioid receptors and nitric oxide cyclic GMP pathways toxicology and applied pharmacology


Souraya Domiati is a member of the central scientific committee at the Order of Pharmacist of Lebanon.

She is also a member of the Hospital, research and health promotion subcommittees.