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Suzanne Nasser

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Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department

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Suzanne Nasser

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Having received her Bachelor degree in pharmacy with excellent grade (2000) at Beirut Arab university, Dr. Suzanne hereby began her academic career as pharmacology lab instructor at the faculty of pharmacy. She obtained her Master's (2007) and PhD degree (2014) in Pharmacology at Beirut Arab University, where she has been tenured in 2014 as assistant professor of pharmacology at the faculty of Pharmacy in BAU. The findings of her postgraduate studies are reflected in 3 articles, published by peer-reviewed journals, and 3 published abstracts. She masters many experimental techniques including blood samples collection, different organ isolation for tissue bath studies, Western blotting and intravascular cannulation for hemodynamic measurements.
Her research interests center on cardiovascular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, diabetes and diabetic complications and oxidative stress. 
 Apart from the academic field, Dr. Suzanne has a 9-years experience in the community pharmacy settings.



Research Interest:
Cardiovascular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, diabetes and diabetic complications and oxidative stress.


  1. Nasser SA, Sabra R, Elmallah AI, El-Din MM, Khedr MM and El-Mas MM (2016). Facilitation by the renin-angiotensin system of cyclosporine-evoked hypertension in rats: Role of arterial baroreflexes and vasoreactivity. Life Sci: 163:1-10.
  2. Nasser SA, Elmallah AI, Sabra R, Khedr MM, El-Din MM and El-Mas MM (2014). Blockade of endothelin ETA, but not thromboxane, receptors offsets the cyclosporine-evoked hypertension and interrelated baroreflex and vascular dysfunctions. Eur J Pharmacol 727:52-59.
  3. Nasser SA, El-Mas MM (2014). INVITED REVIEW: Endothelin ETA receptor antagonism in cardiovascular disease. Eur J Pharmacol 737:210-213.
  4. Afify EA, Khedr MM, Omar AG and Nasser SA (2013). The involvement of KATP channels in morphine-induced antinociception and hepatic oxidative stress in acute and inflammatory pain in rats. Fundam Clin Pharmacol 27, 623-631.


  1. Nasser SA, Elmallah AI, Mohy El-Din MM, Khedr MM and El- Mas MM. Functional angiotensin and endothelin, but not thromboxane, pathways are necessary for the hypertension and baroreflex dysfunction caused by cyclosporine in rats. FASEB J 2014, 28: LB565.
  2. Nasser SA, Elmallah AI, Sabra R, Khedr MM, Mohy El-Din MM, and El-Mas MM. Endothelin ETA receptor-mediated nitric oxide synthase inhibition underlies cyclosporine impairment of cholinergic vasorelaxations in rats. FASEB J 2013, 27: LB597.
  3. Nasser SA, Elmallah AI, Sabra R, Khedr MM, Mohy El-Din MM and El-Mas MM. On the mechanism of the cyclosporine-evoked facilitation of the vasoconstrictor activity of angiotensin II in the rat aorta. FASEB J 2013, 27: LB593.
  4. Khedr MM, Afify EA, Omar AG and Nasser SA. Differential role of KATP channel modulators on morphine-induced antinociception and oxidative stress in rats. International Conference" Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical research and Technology", Beirut, Lebanon, 6-7 May, 2010.



  • Member Pharmacist in the Order of Pharmacists in Lebanon.
  • Academic Advising at Beirut Arab University.
  • Member of Library committee at Beirut Arab University.
  • Member of Student's Affair committee at Beirut Arab University.