BAU Sports Academy

About the Sports Academy

The BAU Sports Academy nurtures basketball, football, volleyball, muay thai, table tannis and chess players ages 5-17 under the expert guidance of head coach Omar Bakri and other coaches. Players are prepared to excel at their sport while becoming leaders, team players, and active community members.

In addition to skills training, fitness, and injury prevention, our academy serves as a community service to local youth by providing reasonably priced sports training sessions and classes.


  • Skills Training: Coaches devote tailored, step-by-step plans to improve each player's weaknesses.
  • Game Experience: Players participate in matches with other clubs/academies.
  • Fitness Plans: Players follow specialized fitness regimens to build athleticism.
  • Diet Plans: Players receive nutrition guidance for performance and goals.
  • Physiotherapy:Players attend physiotherapy to prevent and address injuries.

Our holistic approach allows players to thrive on and off the field. We build skills, fitness, nutrition knowledge, and character.