Book Club

About The Book Club

The Book Club at Beirut Arab University brings together students who share a passion for literature and reading. Our goal is to rediscover the joy of books through fruitful discussions and expand our horizons. We also aim to promote the value of reading to other students on campus, involve in community service activities such as awareness campaigns, training sessions, and other helpful events. These opportunities allow students to make a positive difference in their community by becoming more active members of society. Our club reaches out to provide free services and resources that benefit the public.

Joining the Club

If you want to join the Book Club, here is the process:

  • Apply Online: Fill out an application to register your interest in joining.
  • Attend Kickoff Meeting: New members are welcomed at our fall semester kickoff meeting to learn about the club.
  • Participate in Meetings: We meet twice per month to discuss books, authors, cultural issues, films, and more.
  • Take Part in Events: We organize literary events each semester to interact with students outside the club.


The Book Club was founded in 2013 by two engineering students at the Debbieh campus. After a period of inactivity, two freshmen revived the club in fall 2017 by contacting original members for guidance. With Student Activities Department approval, they relaunched the club across social media and held the first meeting with around 20 members.

In spring 2018, medicine students in Beirut co-founded a branch there supported by the Debbieh club. Together, the two campuses have nurtured an enriching cultural community for book lovers at BAU.