DSC (Donner Sang Compter) Club of BAU

About DSC Club

The DSC (Donner Sang Compter) Club at Beirut Arab University is dedicated to students who want to make a positive difference in their community through volunteering. Our goal is to raise awareness about blood donation and recruit new donors, as well as participate in community service activities like awareness campaigns, training sessions, and other helpful events that allow students to become active community members and positively impact society. We provide free services and outreach to the public.

Joining the Club

If you want to join the DSC Club, here's how:

  • Sign Up: Provide your information by filling out a form on our website or at one of our recruitment stands on campus. This allows us to contact you about upcoming events and training.
  • Attend Training: Before becoming an official member, you need to complete our training program. This covers the skills you need as a volunteer including blood drive best practices, interacting with donors, and more.
  • Volunteer at Events: Attend the minimum required volunteering hours. After meeting the minimum volunteer hour requirements, you'll become an official member.
  • Get Official Status: Once trained and having volunteered the required time, you'll receive your red vest identifying you as an DSC Club member ready to make an impact!

Our Activities

  • Blood Drives: Participating in a blood drive is an exceptional experience where you get to meet blood donors live in action! You will be in charge of choosing the theme of the drive, setting it up, welcoming and accompanying heroes in their donation journey making sure they live an experience they would be happy to repeat!
  • Recruitment Stands: Blood donors are needed every day to keep fresh blood flowing to the blood banks! Due to health conditions, travel or busy schedules, many donors find themselves unable to donate and young and healthy donors should constantly be recruited. Whether in your university or events in your neighborhood, it’s always a great time to create awareness, bust myths and engage new blood donors!
  • Call Center: Our call center plays the most vital part in DSC. We receive a large number of calls for blood around the clock, seven days a week. The process of finding available donors to help people as efficiently as possible is not easy and we need all the help we can get!
  • Community Service: Blood is our priority, but we are always happy to collaborate with organizations sharing our values and fighting for any rightful cause that promotes equal rights and justice. Volunteers put their time and hands to help serve the community, whenever needed, through various activities such as beach cleaning, reforestation, social relief or neighborhood reconstruction.
  • Continuous Learning: Personal growth is an essential part of volunteering, and we make sure that you never stop learning! With a multidisciplinary training program going all year round, you will be offered trainings and sessions to boost your social skills, enhance your technical skills or just improve your general knowledge!