Unesco Club for BAU

About the UNESCO Club

The UNESCO Club at Beirut Arab University is dedicated to students who want to promote the values and mission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). We aim to support UNESCO's objectives locally through initiatives related to education, science, culture, and communication.

Our goal is to get involved in community service activities like awareness campaigns, training sessions, and other helpful events. These allow students to become active members in their community and positively impact their societies. We provide free services and outreach to the public.

Joining the Club

If you wish to join the UNESCO Club, here is the process:

  • Submit Application: Send in your CV showing your skills and interest in the club via our Google form.
  • Interview: Attend an interview so we can confirm your dedication to actively participating in the club.
  • Attend Meetings: Join our monthly meetings to stay updated about the activities and events of the club.
  • Participate in Events: Engage and participate in club trips, campaigns, conferences, and other activities.
  • Meet Participation Requirements: To remain an active member, attend at least 2 meetings per month and participate in most of club events.


The UNESCO Club at Beirut Arab University was relaunched in March 2023 after being inactive for several years. The revival kickoff event was a hike to Kadisha Valley, a Lebanese cultural heritage site signed in the world heritage list of the UNESCO in 1998. This successful trip promoted UNESCO's vision and welcomed all BAU students to visit this extraordinary site.

Club Mission

The UNESCO Club pursues various initiatives in line with UNESCO's mission, including:

  • Promoting education and advocating for quality schooling.
  • Preserving cultural heritage sites and traditions.
  • Encouraging scientific innovation and research.
  • Fostering communication, freedom of speech, and access to information.
  • Supporting human rights, equality, inclusivity, and social justice.
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding.
  • Advocating for environmental sustainability.

By carrying out projects in these areas, our club contributes to a more peaceful, tolerant, and sustainable world.